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  1. Woooooooosh. way over my head.
  2. I thought the one they were going into with the scouse bloke was chase?
  3. Alreet fellas Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Blair Edition) Shrimp On A Treadmill http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKRkP43R8pY&eurl=
  4. 6 days 4 hours. I';ve got faith he'll be a good boy for atleast that long.
  5. Bush' admits to perverse knicker stretch antics with patrick viera I'll think of something better when i'm not tidying
  6. Nick Drake - Cello Song
  7. I'm just awaiting the cries of "THAT'S MY SISTER".
  8. Haha, that's my lass, she's no pro . I knew theye'd fine my notes one day though
  9. Ok, so I MAY put it back on, but not yet, i'll leave my sig off. But for the minute, i'm off in the bath seeing as football manager isn't in my good books at the minute
  10. Nows the time to demand some 'artistic' photo's man. Go on, for the team.
  11. I'll just take it all off . Ummm, the avatar and sig that is, wouldn't want to subject you to THAT.
  12. I'll take the sig back off then, if the avatar itself is a pain too just give me a shout, i'll take it off without going into a strop
  13. Am I allowed those famed things here?
  14. Just thought i'd sign upto this. I'm also a member of Newcastle-Online (Don't shoot me for it, they're a bunch of good lads really). Haven't really got much to say at the minute, may aswell just make my presence known (even if you's couldn't care less anyway ). That'll be all for now, i'll be back, don't worry about that, you can't get away that easily. Adios. Joey