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  1. How many five year olds I could take on at once.
  2. I'm sure Australia does. Indonesia I would doubt. Japan and Korea each have at least half that number from hosting in 2002 Russia undoubtedly does. The USA has at least twice that many 60,000+ stadia. Belgium/Netherlands and Spain/Portugal would surely have that many between the two also. Couldn't say either way about Qatar, but they could build them no problem. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_footb...diums_in_Russia
  3. I remember Eto'o said that he had been racially abused in every ground expect Athletic Bilbao's.
  4. http://www.qwghlm.co.uk/toys/dailymail/ this one is better
  5. Mods can you do something about this langauge. Swearing is swearing but as i'm someone who believes in god, reading that is horrible. Thanks in advance. Well don't believe in god then-
  6. Didn't he dedicate a chapter of his autobiography to Mussolini?
  7. That will go down well with the nazi's.
  8. Fuck off whoever said SOL is better than SJP.
  9. http://www.101greatgoals.com/videodisplay/2939025/
  10. That idiot on there said he was on 75k a week. Bollocks, wasn't he on 5k a week?
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