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  1. Can you explain where I said you were lining Ashley's pockets? You cant possibly disagree with me 110% when I dont even have that opinion, our support is fuckin shit, anyone that denies that hasnt been going too long. It would be great to see those still going, actually support the team and be the 12th man we used to be, but they're all too busy with their individual scapegoats, booing and jeering the first misplaced pass or cross. Its little wonder some of the players want out and are reluctant to sign new deals, they can see whats going on it appears. You did ask last time and you d
  2. Good article, more and more people are waking up, like the local media thank fuck.
  3. Erm Saturday, at an away game, which is almost unheard of. Alan Shearer epitomises mental toughness, he had a World Record transfer fee hanging around his neck and thrived on that, unfortunately very few players are made like him, we've probably two or three in our squad (Given, Owen and Barton). Utter shit. How the fuck do you know? Taylor, Duff, Owen, N'Zogbia, Geremi, Butt have all been booed on and off the fuckin pitch, I'd expect them to perform better if they knew when they made a mistake they werent going to be lambasted by cretins. There is no need t
  4. Good luck Kev, I sent mine Months ago mate.
  5. Im sorry but that is utter bullshit. They're shit scared to play infront of us, Joey Barton a convicted thug has labelled our support vicious for crying out loud, that should speak volumes. We're 2 points off fuckin relegation with the support. Empty seats would have made a sale happen, or it would have made Ashley put his hand in his pocket, a one off mass foot stamp has done sweet fuck all, then the support during the game will be remember for Shola being booed, wonderful support. I expect more rhetoric from Ashleys PR team when the window is shut, but this is the 4th transfer window
  6. Literally anyone, the blokes an absolute clown. He's only been offered an extension because he's Ashleys puppet, he's done sweet fa to warrant an extension and it points to a very bleak future, its not unlikely we'll be in the fuckin Championship and he'll have been given an extension. Now call me silly, but is that not fuckin insane? Ideally, he'll keep us up and he'll get a pat on the back and told to fuck off back down south.
  7. Doing something is better than doing nothing, but its a pointless exercise. He doesnt even attend SJP, he has minions working for him to deal with trivial shit such as this, like they dont already know we're seriously pissed off. He's heard people like Rob Lee, Bob Moncur and Beardsley amongst others stating what he needs to do in order for us to eat his shit again, he holds us in contempt man. If I was a billionaire owner of a football club why would I care about a few letters, when I know for a fact im hated and wanted out of the club? What would be my worst nightmare? An emp
  8. Oh it is a superfan debate If you're that interested, go to the site the article was published and ask they'll tell you.
  9. That'll be the support Joey Barton, a convicted thug called "vicious" and the support which is sadly a parody of itself these days. Empty grounds would have got us shot of the fat man, which is what a seemingly overwhelming majority apparently wanted. Striking fear into the opposition We've been getting hammered by fizzy pop sides at home 5-1 in recent Years man, I know the article said back to the 80's like but...
  10. Not at all, but im surprised some knackers havent dreamt it up...they might have if Blyth werent having a cup run like Its not about some slave working for a bag of rice, its about Ashley lying to me and my peers, conning me and my peers into buying into his vision for three bastard Years and then treating me and my peers with total contempt by refusing to acknowledge us. Im not happy with how he said he was going to run the club and the complete opposite of how he is running it and where its heading and I want him to fuck off or sort it out, he's done neither, because we stopped st
  11. A little more than 0% then
  12. Is what, what I want? Mike Ashley out? As I've said, it can be repaired and it should have been an ideal match, that would suggest... Mike Ashley will never stop me supporting NUFC and or having a laugh with my mates, I will however not return while the club is ran in the manner it is and he stays in charge. I wouldnt go to a local shop where the owner refused to acknowledge me, lied to me and treat me with utter contempt and Mike Ashley is no different.
  13. Its simple economics, nothing to do with drugs or mental state. We're already 5 or 6 thousand down through apathy alone arent we? The premise is absolutely spot on, the clubs with 25,000 crowds have fuck all ambition and dont have our wage bill or running costs. Im not a mackem, Im a fully paid up season ticket holding toon fan who is making a pathetic, futile gesture and cutting his nose off to spite his face, but I can take solace in the fact Im not bending over and taking it up the bum from a fat lying cockney who treats us with disdain and Im made it quite clear he'll never get ano
  14. Of course it will man It will affect Ashleys pockets by: Reduced income via sponsorship. Matchday income would be down by the people still getting tickets weekly, Yearly or whatever and then all the food, merchandising beer sales he'd lose out on. But most importantly the value of his asset plummets, millions and millions would be knocked off.
  15. I cant think of a single example where the fans wanting the owners out and continue to go has got them what they want, look at Liverpools 2 Year protest or Man Utd's? Two new football teams created out of it like. Its really simple you want him gone, do something, you dont, continue to go as normal as though nothing has happened. What would not turning up do, especially for those that have already paid? Reduce sponsorship, matchday income, tv revenue, hinder player recruitment and purchase as well as sending out the message to Mike Ashley that when its time for renewal you wont be,
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