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  1. Thought I would make you aware that a member from the Sunderland Message Board is missing and was last seen in Leeds. I know theres a few members off here who are from Leeds who may be able to help... http://www.readytogo.net/smb/showthread.php?t=112906 http://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/section...sid=12&iid=2244 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/west_yo...ire/4897500.stm
  2. bizarre

    Or it was dictated to someone really, really thick; same difference, really. 118627[/snapback] That should be whats the craic!! Not crack! 118631[/snapback] I direct you to this thread on the SMB... http://www.readytogo.net/smb/showthread.ph...049#post1667049
  3. bizarre

    so whats the crack now then?
  4. Perfect time to appoint Hiddink?

    Steve Bruce...nailed on...FACT
  5. How Much Would YOU Pay For ....

    got mine the other day. £25. not bad. allbeit i'll be in the home end!
  6. bizarre

    why the hell have you got a picture looking up from the Sands upto Claypath?
  7. bizarre

    set up our own "fake" Bookmakers in Durham tommorow and con some guys to backing a horse which is a so called certain on the national...and take the cash....
  8. Court rejects Da Vinci copy claim - Beeb

    watched a decent documentary a year ago or so back and it was about both these books, and mentioned the origins and went on about this Church and other monuments in the same area being perfect inline to make the shape of a star or something; also exact degrees etc.
  9. bizarre

    would go myself but not sure ill be up that early.
  10. xbox 360

    Absolutely superb, and would recomend it to anyone. Traded in Fight Night and Ghost Recon in today. Fight Night was good till the novelty ran out and I had completed it, and I much prefer Call of Duty 2 to Ghost Recon and since the update has come out, it has sorted the lag out. At the moment the games I have are Call of Duty 2, Project Gotham Racing, and new today, Top Spin 2. Might trade in PGR as I haven't played that for a good while either. *Only get a 360 if you are going to get Xbox Live **What does everyone else think of that Battlefield game? Seems superb, even on just a demo; although think the novelty will run out of flying about etc.
  11. bizarre

    that stretch of road near the gala is a nightmare for drivers and nowhere to pull up at. Full of buses and bus stands. might be able to see the Library/Gala from the road where I described earlier but it'll be a bit of a distance. also 9.30 in the morning? what time does the library open in Durham? and ten minutes away...does she live in the Cathedral? Surely Sherburn Road is 15-20minutes away **Edit - you could actually pretend to leave the money in a book which doesn't actually exist!!
  12. bizarre

    just been down Durham to get a game for the 360. Found a decent place where cars could easily observe the collection and we could get some stood there without looking too suspicous. Ill try and best describe where the place is... if you go to park in the Prince Bishops Car Park, you turn left at a little mini round a bout which leads you into the car park. instead if you go straight ahead at the mini round-about; you go up abit of bank, upto a zebra crossing. the road has double yellow lines although everyone parks there to pick people up and theres a small area where people usually wait which I think is a fire exit. we could easily get a few people on the bank and also someone standing there pretending to be waiting for a lift; could easily stick the monopoly money somewhere in there and not look too suspicous, as long as noone has the dodgy glasses and tache, and is reading one of the broadsheet newspapers. if anyone knows where I mean, and could explain it abit more clearer then go ahead.
  13. bizarre

    not sure mate; just went on this morning and ended up spending the rest of the morning reading this thread. get the pervs on here, especially Beery, and the thread will probably pick up again.
  14. bizarre

  15. bizarre

    Thought i'd join up to say lads, well done this thread is superb - just got it after being linked from the Sunderland Message Board. Points re: Durham. Remember the Market Place area is not really accessible for cars; you have to pay and can't really stop. Places I would think of are -- Gala Theatre, Chase, Jimmy Allens, the Court, North Road, Bowling Alley (Sands Car park)... ...also will it not be a bit dodgy leaving suspect packages around Durham City? ::I might have a pop down tommorow to see what the craic is::

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