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Durham Trickster

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  1. Who the fuck is SMO? He's not the geezer who sent me the photo of his bell-end is it?
  2. So you's have done this before, you sad bastards. All I wanted to do was earn a bit bread from a scam, and I'm only scamming the dodgy cunts that want to use hookers!! I've got nee job man, I need to earn somehow!
  3. There's nee scam going on here like kid. Why especially now I've been rumbled! Someone texted me a website address before, must have used a different mobile number cos i didn't recognise it.
  4. Divvn't ask me, I scarpered as soon as I saw the same kid. Thought they were scum at first.
  5. I hope you've cleaned up your texts before your lass sees em! 117728[/snapback] What you on about, i haven't got a lass. The photo's i sent are off my ex, right dirtbag her like.
  6. cheeky git!!!!!! 117721[/snapback] So that's you then. Lanky arsehole. You look like the sort to be using prossa's i reckon.
  7. You bunch of bastards. I was onto a nice little earner there, I'd already fleeced 8 blokes and 1 lass out of 50 quid. I'm supposed to be meeting one of you daft cunts at Framwellgate Moor soon so now i know he isn't a busy I'll be sure to kick the shit out of him. Hope it's the lanky one with the funy nose, i'm ganna knock him spark out!