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  1. Shame she doesn't breach the EU regs for unecessary CO emissions. Stop her breathing means I can drive my car some more. That nose is just hilarious, she makes Jacko look normal!!
  2. Am I the only one who is seriously pissed off at the way they shunted the coverage off the screen to make way for Coronation Street? I just complained here and suggest that anyone else who is annoyed do so to. Pathetic. http://www.itv-f1.com/ContactUs.aspx
  3. Wot he said. Go to your 'My Computer' icon, right mouse click, properties, Hardware tab -> Device manager. Look for the yellow exclamation marks and that'll be the drivers you need to install. If you have a Dell you can access their website and get everything you need for your machine. Some other brands are good like that as well. PC World specials however are rarely that easy.
  4. Post up your hijack log, that'll make it easier to spot nastys.
  5. Hugh

    Vista safe mode

    Vista really is a big step forward in taking control away from the user, it's rather scary really. F8 should work...
  6. Couldn't of got far in the X5. I'd be checking all the local petrol stations.
  7. Can explain what you're seeing there? I'm pap with photoshop.
  8. Depending on the internet connection, they can be the same. That would of course mean the computers are all linked to the same hub. What is interesting is what an IP search reveals about the 'new and improved' changed IP address that was apparently implemented since Shearergol posted.
  9. It's the fact that only once the IP comment was made that he changed it to something else for one of his Accounts. That's got us all fooled....
  10. Hugh


    Yeah, that was lush!
  11. Tell you what, I've seen some mad stuff on froums in my time but that wins by a mile!
  12. Hugh


    Did you really sit through all that to find it?!!! I skipped to Pt.3 pretty quick and was hungry until I started watching him stir that nasty sounding mush around at the beginning. I liked the Hitchcock impression.
  13. IMHO - The Day Today was their very best. Awesome even now 12 years on. See how well The Mary Whitehouse Experience has aged, saw a couple of episodes of that and found it terrible now. It killed me at the time!
  14. Hugh


    Especially with it's shonky hosting.
  15. I can't stand him either, maybe the stuff in newspapers is all shite but the blood in syringe video was just plain nasty. He might get Kate Moss (somehow!!) but I guess it's just a reverse situation od Michael Hutchence and Paul Yates. Thing is he'd fall off the radar if the press didn't bother with him, and they should do just that as for some he is bound to make the use of hard drugs look cool. IMHO
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