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  1. I had the misfortune of being on the train to Birmingham for the Albion game with some Peterborough fans, they were going to Derby Anyway, a few of them, round about 6 started chanting ''You're not famous anymore'' etc etc at me. I responded with ''Well, it'll still be your biggest game of the season won't it lads''. Shut them right up, didnt hear another word from them for the rest of the trip. But yeah, am going tomorrow night also, Charters, Cherry Tree, Peacock and Drapers Arms are apparently away fan friendly, colours etc, not sure which ones best but we'll see.
  2. Carling Cup Round

    Anyone have any idea how many tickets we've sold yet? I got mine through today, standing ones like, and it said 1333 and 1332 on them somewhere so guessing it must be nearing a sell out.
  3. Tickets Offered

    I went to the box office yesterday to buy a standing ticket, but they still were not selling them due to the seats not being sold I don't know what the crack is like, but my mate already ordered us 2 from his season ticket before he went on his hols, and now I want to try and change them over, does anyone know if I could change them at the box office when the standing goes on sale? Women in the box office told me no one wants the seating, which is understandble. I think what's been happening is, STHs and 12M members have been buying seated tickets and then swapping them for terrace tickets, so every time someone wants to buy one, they automatically get allocated seating. Basically, Peterborough save money if they can close the terrace because it means fewer stewards etc. But it's a farce as we'll clearly have enough of a following to justify the terrace. so does that mean when they go on general sale we can buy terrace? Nah the only reason they've been selling seats first is because they're £22 and Standing is £17, so they know if they didnt make people buy seats first everyone would just buy standing, this way they know they'll sell all the seating which they have, thus making more money and stuff. Obviously we'll most likely sell out the Terrace as well now they;re on sale.
  4. Tickets Offered

    Standing (Terrace) tickets have gone on sale today. Just bought some from the online box office, 17 pound. These will fly off now i should think, ive been waiting for the standing and i know loads of season ticket holders and memebers have to.

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