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  1. What are you reading?

    Read a couple of crackers recently. The Shepard's life. Basically a Shepard in the lakes. Talks about his family history etc. Superb. No more Planet B. Probably the most balanced researched book ice have read about climate change so far. Brilliant.
  2. Fuck me. I'm pissing myself at that Carl. Superb.
  3. Terry is spot on though! Scousers are cunts!
  4. Hawksbee and Jacobs are cunts. Giggling little fannies like a shit version of on the Buses. One of them fucking hates us, that Chelsea cunt.
  5. Exactly. You don't become Billionaires without being cunts.
  6. I hope Masters is fucking pissing his knickers the bent cunt
  7. What are you playing

    Is that on XBOX?
  8. This is the news!

    There was a video where it did look like mini explosions going off. I wonder if people have thought they were fireworks. At the port so could easily be chemicals or something like that.
  9. This is the news!

    FIreworks, fuck me, no way.
  10. Aye, it's sad. What has made me angry more than anything is the investment into the region that's been mentioned. The region is going to suffer so much because of this. It goes beyond a game of football.
  11. Let's face it. This isn't going to change fuck all.
  12. The Entirely Reasonable Potential Transfers Thread

    Honestly if he goes to them it shows the whole ambition or lack of from the club. We know there's fuck all anyways.
  13. Just can't see anything changing.
  14. The Entirely Reasonable Potential Transfers Thread

    Matty Longstaff to Leeds apparently

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