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  1. Politics

  2. Aye you're right. Last time in the champ and we were winning it was fun.
  3. What are you drinking?

    Had a couple of leffe bruin tonight. Normally only drink it when in Belgium. But cycling proper stared today and a belgie won so why not
  4. Materialism: The "What have you bought?" Thread

    Oneplus. 8 pro. Well happy
  5. True but look at it now. How many are going to stick around? Any half decent bid comes in now for the likes of Dubravka or ASM and they're gone. Bruce has already made some excuse about the current climate we won't be making waves in the transfer market. Its looking bleak as fuck and I like how people are optimistic but there is only so many times a club can flirt with relegation or go down before it sticks. The championship is a fucking tough league.
  6. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

    Howe left Bournemouth
  7. Exactly Last time we got relegated with rate you almost felt you were gonna go up. No chance now as fcb isn't going to go and get the same. He's nailed on wanting to sell the club so isn't going to spend.anything
  8. I don't understand it though. Surly having another team competitive in the league just adds to it. I've always disliked Liverpool because of the band wagon jumpers. Not the genuine Liverpool fans. In a way I have admiration for them. Try red wall people. The way the don't by the sun etc. I like klopp he is a character and you cannot deny that has done a great job there. But fuck that cunt of a club. Fuck em if it's true they didn't want someone else having a go. Its not like we would instantly be there anyways. Its not a garuentee we would have success either. Fuck the cunts As for that dribbling cunt Kane and his suite club. Fucking stick with that stale bastard Jose. You'll have a superb stadium for NFL and dog shit football you wankers.
  9. Pretty much what I said re relegation. We are fucked.
  10. They won't. When they do they will no doubt hide behind the NDA bollocks.
  11. I would love it if Ashley fucking took legal action. In fact I would love it if Ashley told the government that if they don't lean on the PL to accept this he will close all the debenhams stores because he's skint and they will have to deal with the unemployment.
  12. I've never listened to this before, but just listened to the latest episode. Very good. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/nocans-the-takeover-is-off/id1488521834?i=1000486698111
  13. Renton taught me. Can you see anything different?
  14. Coronavirus

    I.e lets cancel flights etc to safer countries so we can spend our money here. Fuck of you floppy haired cunt.
  15. Coronavirus

    But obviously no islamaphobia in the Tories
  16. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

    Any of you good looking (and dog ugly) fuckers got a referral code or the like for the Athletic?
  17. I think he genuinely want's shut of it as his investment into Debenhams and House of Fraser are fucked. But he is also a greedy cunt who wants his full whack of the club and he will not budge until he gets it. If you think we are shut of the guy soon I think you're wrong. We will have him as an owner for another decade or so. We are fucked as all I can see. We will be relegated next season and this time, we will stay down. I cannot see anything other than that.
  18. That's it at the end of the day. It's not about Football and I know the posters on here know that. Barring the odd WUM we do have a good bunch on here. It's elite sport, which is business and nothing more. Sport at the top level is corrupt as fuck.
  19. I would like for the PL for this to get very very messy for them. But I don't thick any fucks will be given.
  20. Did it last night. TBF they didn't seem to care lol
  21. One thing that's comforting is thinking of that fat cunt being distraught
  22. I just can't see it. This isn't a plea to push the PL at all. They'll do their talking with a gun hopefully

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