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  1. General Random Conversation..

    I looked at that I wondered when I posted that
  2. Physio room injuries

    Gayle, tight hamstring. Is that from spending too much time on the bench?
  3. General Random Conversation..

    It's because as a kid you're care free. You then get told as you get older how you have XYZ responsibility and have to be XYZ and the world makes you feel the way you do, when in reality the anxiety etc is coming from internal.
  4. General Random Conversation..

    Your avatar @Monkeys Fist
  5. January transfer window

    It's a shame the cunt is injured as Forest seemed to like him.
  6. January transfer window

    The only player(s) we sign this window is some unknown shite from the French / Portuguese B leagues
  7. Politics

  8. Precedent Trump

  9. General Random Conversation..

    Ah man Renton mate, you're going through a tough patch. Dig in kid and hopefully things start to look up. I have similar with my old man. He's a similar age. Hopefully he pulls through and tells you that you were being daft worrying like my old man does to me.
  10. Ground Guide to Spotland

    They read this stat out on 5Live the other day and all the 'experts' seemed shocked.
  11. General Random Conversation..

    Climate change? Pffft you'll be telling me the world isn't flat next
  12. General Random Conversation..

    Aye I prefer to be busy and under a certain amount of pressure than doing fuck all.
  13. General Random Conversation..

    Ah man, that's pump
  14. General Random Conversation..

    I thought it would be a struggle getting up at 6 today, but was fine. Will probably smash me about 14:00 like.
  15. General Random Conversation..

    Exactly pet!
  16. tudor brown sauce v walkers pickled onion

    Thank fuck for that
  17. tudor brown sauce v walkers pickled onion

    Had to be that dirty cunt too
  18. tudor brown sauce v walkers pickled onion

    Wouldnt pay for Rondon but spunk £40m on that. fuck me.
  19. tudor brown sauce v walkers pickled onion

    Take Lejuene off and put a bar stool in his place. Useless cunt.
  20. tudor brown sauce v walkers pickled onion

    5-0? Bumming on its way
  21. tudor brown sauce v walkers pickled onion

    True colours showing now
  22. tudor brown sauce v walkers pickled onion

    At least the Mackems are losing
  23. General Random Conversation..

    Back in on the 6th and tbh looking forward to going back and getting some normality back!

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