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  1. £15m player in todays market place. so inconsistent, and injury prone.
  2. Yep, this. Can play either flank or wing back. Would be very useful.
  3. hoping for a 1-0 win then. i can see city if they get an early goal, smashing us...
  4. haha, reliant robin to a ford fiesta ecotec. he ain't that good. but i agree he has more end product than Almiron.
  5. full of bloatware and crashes regularly?
  6. different players. apples and oranges. the dead ball delivery of Maddison and his willingness to experiment and deliver a final pass and or score means he needs less defensive responsibility. think with what Howe wants, he'd rather take Paqueta, though Maddison is probably one of the top 3 at what he does in the premier league.
  7. left footers with technical ability can play on both sides, and his recovery runs (for when he or St max have lost the ball are good), its just, end product, and vision and thinking ahead. that goal from last season was pretty much a fluke..... pace isn't everything in this game. never doubting the lads work rate, more end product... he could have assisted twice and scored twice if he were more thoughtful.
  8. lad's not all there. referencing this bloke for any footballing wisdom is like asking helen keller for fashion tips.
  9. good to know. Swiss ramble seems a decent source.
  10. agreed on that, though context wise, Pulisic is an upgrade on Almiron and Fraser. Fraser can perform on both wings, and i reckon after a half season with the decent coaches we use, i would expect him to be better. But they are right we do need an upgrade on a traditional right wing player. and a top quality right footed centre back.
  11. Pulisic blows very hot and cold. also his wages for a very inconsistent player, don't make sense for me. Diaby all day long.
  12. proper grifter isn't he. is there a point to people like this?
  13. might not get in to their first team regularly. think its sensible.
  14. injury prone and old. but of course, still a very good player. not the future though.
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