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  1. Basically impossible shoes to fill. Moyes ain’t a bad coach, but never an elite top coach.
  2. Chiesa is a risk As he had a pretty bad injury, though when he was fit he was well worth watching out for. . Is rabiot available on a free? Think he’s out of contract. Could be useful?
  3. Florentines centre mid Amrabaat I think… top player. that was pretty rubbish.
  4. Kim won’t leave Napoli so soon. An absolute unit of a defender. medium term we do need to replace schar but probably need an upgrade….
  5. Great squad addition, not long term first team solution.
  6. Ward prowse doesn’t have the engine, strength or technique of any of our 3 in the middle. His free kicks and pens are excellent but we’d lose something if we stuck him in the first team. Agree with the others. Labuan is a big prospect, but a bit raw.
  7. Big Sam to Leeds on probably a silly contract. Hope they and Everton go down. Not that I dislike Sean dyche, but because of how they run their club. Leeds have been awful this season. They just don’t look good at all. shame Chelsea can’t be relegated as well… fat frank has effectively killed his management career off with this job (though his track record was always poor).
  8. Not really, just expressing an opinion poorly. you don’t want to go anywhere near my back garden. It needs napalming.
  9. Yep, tierney is probably good enough, mctominay is shit, ward prowse can’t cover enough ground for what we want, though he’d be a good plan b for free kicks. Barnes is good enough. Him and Maddison would be very useful.
  10. I think he stays. He had their full back on toast yesterday and set up numerous chances. He can consistently do this against the best full backs in the league. I think he’s moved from being our out ball under Bruce, to a player now that knows he can start a few yards further up the field, and his dribbling is still excellent. His final ball has also improved… getting him to press better might well be a step too far! the shame for me is that he knows he’s a “showreel” player. Look at his instagram for example.
  11. He’s Swedish. Most swedes speak better English than English people, or at least the ones I know do.
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