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  1. Geordie Pride

    Sometimes. 122999[/snapback] is he your boyfriend of something?
  2. Clear something up for me please?

    we wont finish 7th you lunatic
  3. Will Fat Fred claim.....

    plus the players aren't insured anyway
  4. O'Neil Deal DONE

    LOL! but still funnier that you!
  5. Geordie Pride

    is geordie pride the same as gay pride?
  6. Let's be 'avin you!

    do you like having that effect on people?
  7. O'Neil Deal DONE

    why should i be banned? for stating what i believe to be true? what is it with you? is there only room on this messageboard for your opinion? are you going to tell me next that cancer doesnt exist?
  8. How The Table Would Look..

    doesnt roeder have brain cancer?
  9. O'Neil Deal DONE

    but surely he won't come to us, his wife had cancer, and our managers have a history of cancer, so he won't want to bad luck connected with our club, plus we play in black, the colour of tumours

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