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  1. The "Did you know?" Thread

    A stamp cannot be accepted as proof of identity.
  2. These German bastards

    One is not sure which side to shout for.
  3. Operation Good Guys

    One loved it
  4. whats for tea?

  5. What are you listening to ?

    Charles and that dreadful Camilla woman talking about plants and horses and boring stuff.
  6. The Queen's Birthday

    one has had a canny day although it was a tad boring. Started out this morning by going for a wander around Windsor, Philip had said we'd go for a little drive into town so one had hoped to go spend the record tokens one had received for ones birthday but when we got there the place was heaving with old biddies waving flags. It took me blooming ages to get to the shops and by the time I did they didnt have any Shindig Classics left

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