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  1. It would be funnier if they weren't struggling too.
  2. It's acceptable usage. Rape can mean to take violently, doesn't necessarily mean sex.
  3. No shit, Sherlock. What next, "Supt Jim Napier confirmed the weapon used in the stabbing was some king of pointy thing..."?
  4. Good news Nicky. Seeing as we've already booked the taxi, would you mind fucking off instead?
  5. Nationwide isn't a bank, is it? Avoid Abbey like the plague. Utter shite.
  6. Probably says more about me than them, tbf.
  7. Hope he hasn't suffered a stroke. It would be farcical seeing him trying to call a journalist a cunt through one side of his mouth.
  8. No we need a seaweed diet. FACT. It might kelp.
  9. He also had the privilege of playing with a much more forgiving offside rule and a keeper able to pick up a back pass.
  10. What a meaningless statement. Most players who are 29 aren't the player they were 3 years ago.
  11. Madonna strenuously denies claims that she is a Martinist. "Some of my best friends are called Martin" she told the Sun.
  12. I don't think the other Premier teams would stand aside and let him move to us.
  13. They've blatantly got no interest in investing any money in keeping him
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