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  1. there are some good 1ns on the nufc web site there canney
  2. What an end 2 his career, it was almost as if it was rigged. even with a nackered leg he can still score a master blaster!!!!
  3. They have great Psp wallpapers on www.shearer9.com shearer and owen ones there pretty good
  4. eye with out boum we where a much better team, we looked solid at the bak
  5. Y the hell did they not put bent as reserve and defoe instead of crouch, because hes shocking! he ant even good enough 2 wer the makems shirt instead of an england shirt
  6. Ye i think they should let him play 20-25 mins at the end wat about you P.s. Ameobie for sunderland
  7. hey mate have you tryed www.shearer9.com they have some quality wall papers Big up the geordies P.s Ameobie has 2 go