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  1. 10 years ago today...

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=lyHSPlaUAos Right at the end of that video.
  2. Does anyone actually want to come?

    Harry: “I gave a speech, only this morning, to the fans, assuring them i was staying at this club and that i certainly wouldn’t be joining Newcastle.” Jamie: “Well why on earth would you do that?” Harry: “Why? Ooh, a little word that I think’s important in management called morale.” Jamie: “Well surely it’s gonna be worse for morale in the long run when you are going to join Newcastle and you’ve told people you won’t be.” Harry: “...... they won’t remember.”
  3. Redknapp stays at Pompey

    This is all hauntingly reminiscent of Shepherd's decison to sack Bobby. Can anyone else see McClaren end up being Mort's Souness?
  4. Allardyce sacked.

    Her husband is The People's Dave Kidd.
  5. Allardyce sacked.

    Allardyce is going to be on SSN within half an hour, apparently.
  6. Allardyce sacked.

    Redknapp? Ashley thought he should have been given the England job.
  7. Allardyce sacked.

    SSN: We're not looking for foreign coach. Fucked.
  8. Allardyce sacked.

    YES Let's wait and see. As Patrokles has said, they are very shrewd people who should recognise the likes of Jol and Shearer as a sideways step at best. Mourinho is the only available manager who would tie in with Oliver's 'blow your socks off' line, too. It's just been on SSN that they contacted Allardyce at 17:00 and he was still unaware he'd been sacked, that's disappointing.
  9. Allardyce sacked.

    The statement on the official site certainly reads like somebody has already been lined up and i just can't see them appointing Shearer. Is Mourinho beyond the realms of possibility?
  10. Wigan vs. Spurs

    Wigan 2-1 Tottenham. Baines.
  11. Dixon Defends Cup Passion

    Most recent comment: "Eboue = Typical African Warefare Scum, he might do that shit in the jungle but this is the premiership its racist"
  12. Martins > Bellamy

    If we were playing the Champions League final tomorrow i'd rather have Bellamy in the side than Martins. That said, due to the difference in their ages and attitude, you'd have to prefer Martins as the long-term signing.
  13. Dragon's Den

    I decided to watch the England game instead Is it going to be repeated on Tuesdays like the last series?
  14. Engerland

    Who cares? At least McClaren shows some passion by jumping up and down a bit when we lose. It does make me laugh how Sven was branded a failure for 3 successive Quarter-Final appearances, we'll be lucky to qualify with this clown incharge.
  15. Owen-Martins and Dyer.

    Butt Emre Milner Dyer N'Zogbia Owen Martins This would be ideal although you would lose the creativity of Solano at RB and it's doubtful wether the quality of defenders we possess could play 3 at the back. I suppose Butt misses out. Milner Dyer Emre N'Zogbia Owen Martins

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