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  1. Roy's Rolls V Brucies Baps

    Really, Bruce said that? well I've said it before and I'll say it again! A back 3 is not working for us, we need to have a back 4. Joelinton needs to be dropped and St.Max and Miggy need to play up front in a 4-4-2 system.
  2. Roy's Rolls V Brucies Baps

    Another load of rubbish. Joelinton = Shite squared. Bruce = Clueless personified. Pain = Watching Newcastle. Down = the slippery pole we're on. Netty = another 3 points doon it.
  3. Am I the only one thinking 3 at the back is not working for us? I think we should go to 4-4-2 with; Schar - Fernandez - Lejuene - Rose Lazaro - Longstaff - Bentalin - Ritchie Almiron - St,Max I think Schar could be a good right full-back who can get forward. I think Maxie might be better in a bit as he has a tendency to go too far out and to the line.
  4. Oh, and we've slipped down the table a place due to our atrocious goal difference FFS.
  5. Well well well, 3 new quality players starting and we get slaughtered 4 nowt. First 35 minutes looked decent and then the cracks started to open up. Start of the second half indicated it was doon the netty time again, and so it was. Joelinton? no comment. Missed opportunities, needlessly giving away the ball, slipshod defense, nothings changed.
  6. Music Newcastle have run out to

    Memory fading, but it seems to me the 'The Blaydon Races' featured at one time, which makes sense as its our National Anthem.
  7. Other games 2019/2020

    Another goal for Fulham, 20 goals this season, do wish you were still here Mitro, wish Joely wasn't.
  8. At my age I should not be subjected to an extra 30 minutes of nail-biting trauma. St. Max I luv you, but did you have to wait until all my nails were down to the wick? At the start of extra-time I honestly thought they would score, and they very nearly did. Again, I luv you St. Max for not subjecting me to penalty kicks, which I'm sure we would have lost.
  9. Shameful. We didn't deserve the point but I'll take it. How the fuck can we put in such a miserable display against the bottom team who played better than we did. The introduction of the new players didn't improve anything today, let's hope it will next time.
  10. Daniel Rose

    A rose is a rose, and ours is a Danny, let's hope he blooms in our allotment.
  11. Bruce's Numbskulls V Oxfords Graduates

    I think Bruce is to be commended for his after-match comments. He made no excuses and said the team played poorly.
  12. Bruce's Numbskulls V Oxfords Graduates

    Well it was nice to see we had so much possession for a change but it didn't do us any fucking good did it. And here's what I have to say about Joelinton; .......................................................................................!!
  13. Other games 2019/2020

    Sad to know Burnley beat Man Ure and knocked us down the table a bit. Sad to see there are 5 teams with 30 points and we are bottom with -12 goals and Arse n'all top with -2 goals.
  14. It was indeed a very pathetic performance until the last 4 minutes. The only players who garnered any credit for their display were Dubravka, Ritchie, and Almiron. Some credit of course must be given to late substitute Lejuene for his 2 goals, especially the scissor-kick. Joelinton keeps on being a dud, Atsu was absolute rubbish, Lascelles went from star against Chelsea to dire defender against Everton. I could go on and on but I'll stop now.
  15. Painful to watch. Pitiful display. Defense totally in disarray. Piss-poor passing. Got better with Atsu & Joelinton off. Defense like a sieve with enlarged holes. Still piss-poor though. Unbelievable point. Well done Lejuene.
  16. Welcome Nabil

    Maybe so, with Hayden, Shelvey, Ki, Longstaff, Longstaff, Almiron, etc etc as mid-fielders, but if he's better than them then welcome.
  17. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    I understand that CV's can sway a perception of managerial talents and success, but Keegan's managerial CV when hired at Newcastle wasn't too inspiring. Managers with outstanding CV's are known to fail, and those with poor or little CV's have been known to succeed. It's why I said; "Give him a chance"
  18. Yer reet Alex, and the most guilty was Fernandez despite putting in a good shift.
  19. Always been critical of added time and where they get it from, but not this fucking time. Astounding, marvelous, fantastic, brilliant, to end-up winning a game that had loss written all over it. In retrospect, Joelinton could have scored but missed a sitter. Shelvey's heart didn't seem to be in the game, lethargic and at times too nonchalant with his play. I think Maxi wasn't fed the ball enough to perform as we know he can, but it was great to see him back in the line-up. Credit to Hayden for his match-winner.
  20. Joelinton

    Question. What Newcastle No.9 has had the longest goal-drought?
  21. Joelintonthebraziandudscoresafuckinggoalffs
  22. Big Bad Wolves V Brucie's Little Lambs

    How long will Bruce persist in playing Joelinton? His presence on the pitch today was like playing with 10 men for the most part. Didn't expect any points today, full marks to Miggy for his third goal, and Dubravka for keeping them out. Had it not been for our once again piss-poor defending on set pieces we could have come away with all 3 points. Atsu was shite, kept losing and giving up the ball, accomplishing nothing. Willems wasn't playing as well as he can. Certainly happy with the point.
  23. Cabbage Heed Halfwits v Rochdale's Groomers

    Another winnable game hoyed doon the netty. And that's where wor Joeylinton should be. In appearance, it looked like the first half was gonna be a rout. Second half looked like Bruce sent a different team out. And to think, I had to get up at four in the fucking morning. That should have been a fucking warning.
  24. tudor brown sauce v walkers pickled onion

    Mebbe so, but my picks would have done better than Brucey, I had benched the Brazilerononscoringdudjoeylinton with or without a hard on.
  25. tudor brown sauce v walkers pickled onion

    Dubravka Schar Fernandez Lejune Willems Hayden SLongstaff Shelvey Almiron Muto Carroll Pick holes in this line-up, based on all being available Muto is energetic and should get a start, I think he is under-estimated. Nonscoringjoelintonthedud should be benched. I think we should go 4-4-2 against Leicester. We know Schar & Willems can make attacking runs. Will be interesting to see Brucey's starting lineup for this match.

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