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  1. Hunting out my flares and medallion to join today's #edl march, really looking forward to it @EngDiscoLovers

  2. “@Iwantcurlyhair2: I wonder how many premier league youth coaches get paid more than Pardew....”Most produce better results too

  3. “@Nigella_Lawson: And this ham & emmental toastie with fried egg for dippage @HixRestaurants http://t.co/Vlhkane4jS”Not very dippy egg

  4. What's going on in town? Bother at the Monument? #edl

  5. the #nufc shirt @WongaGillian is giving away was paid for by 1 person borrowing £395 for 10 days.

  6. We need to remember the two animals yesterday are no more representative of Islam as @EDLTrobinson is of Christianity #edl #fuckwits

  7. Well the sickening events in #woolwich today will make the #edl march through Newcastle on Saturday a bit more high profile

  8. “@_RacheleV: He totes only let me over the road cos I've got the stems out and he fancied a stare, I don't mind at all.”None the wiser!

  9. One day they're down the charity begging food...the next buying wedding rings in Elizabeth Duke #skint

  10. Black Bentley Continental, reg 75 BR just gone into #nufc training ground. No idea why I'm tweeting this, just sounds #itk

  11. “@davidpick1987: @geordiedentist as a coach, I bet he's infectious. What you thinking like? Heard anything of late?”As is the clap

  12. I'm surprised at us, finish 16th but call fans that are celebrating 4th. We'd be dancing in the streets for weeks if it was #nufc

  13. You can't get any more continental Geordie than toasted stottie with Brie http://t.co/QEZOudxTKf

  14. ....how much resentment could be caused when Mary the kit washer loses life changing amount because a 50k week player didn't bother

  15. “@StephNUFC: Non-playing staff? So does that include Pardew, Stone and Carver?”And Shola

  16. The sensible protest tomorrow is to simply leave at full time. The thought of a lap of 'honour' after this season is sickening

  17. “@ajhmurray: Stoke Regent complete with UFO ceiling. Thank you!! http://t.co/KoM9ge99i7”Bloke next to blonde in blue...how smalls his head?

  18. “@lee_ryder: @LukeEdwardsTele I didn't knock any story. I did my job. #nufcFirst time for everything there Lee.

  19. Hoooo @IanRobGill where's me #nooyork pics? Just watching this place http://t.co/DphV1FIjNP on Food Network, get down there!

  20. If ever a decision changed a game

  21. While another (& I shit yee not here) has shouted at her 1 year old girl who is called...wait for it....Tyson

  22. “@thebroonkegs: Right iPad wanker http://t.co/SIOgduFM3f”I believe he may be a cleaner at my work! Stand upwind of him and you'll know

  23. I'm playing FishWithAttitude on my iPhone - Everyone should check it out! AppStore: http://t.co/k0lkRY1ffp

  24. That were a pwopa Bo derby that .....

  25. Well over 200 people packed into the Crem yesterday for dads funeral. I hope I'm half as popular when I go

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