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  1. “@MongWatch: Norwich Chaos Crew' top boy!? http://t.co/khMSVEldJX”Did he spell 'We' wrong? looks like Wee

  2. “@abbeybelll: Looove Rules of Engagement ????”If you close your eyes it's just an unfunny Family Guy episode

  3. “@sageuk: Before #RTI begins you'll need to tackle #Payroll Year End”ahhhh #RTI my fave subject!#sad @PaddyJGraham

  4. “@digitalspybrk: 'Geordie Shore' heading to Sydney for sixth series http://t.co/cI0vmSEyYY”Newcastles gain is Sydneys loss

  5. “@WeePhillie: Get in you beauty... #FTM”Oh deary me.... #SMB

  6. My Nana was buried exactly 1 week before her birthday. Friday is my dads funeral 7 days later would be his 69th birthday. #weirdShit

  7. If its an Omelette maker why serve pasta on the box? http://t.co/sn9Hr26CwQ

  8. Recommend me a good restaurant in Newcastle

    Has anyone ever been to the Pavillion Bar & Grill at West Allotment/Shiremoor? Pass it almost daily but never seen anything about it, always looks busy though.
  9. “@Hev_Roberts97: @Nigella_Lawson i did my English presontation on you and i got and A!! XD my first A i was so proud x”Standards. Slipping

  10. Bloody hell it's been a bad week for Roobarb & Custard, first Richard Briers now animator Bob Godfrey!http://t.co/JviFgiTUBX

  11. “@CoffeeDaft: @pjwhitfield marriage ;p”Nah! More fun than that!!!

  12. Organised a chapel of rest visit for my mum to see dad tomorrow. There's no way I'm going in like

  13. Mobile speed can Western Way? West Denton just before Morrisons #Newcastle #NEFollowers #teamgeordie @teamgeordie


    #itv player Big Match Revisited has #Leicester v #nufc Feb 1979, divn't spoil it and tell is the score maaan


    #awaydayproblems no other city/ stadium/ bars can compare with home...

  16. As @ellietog eloquently put it, Mamma Mia: the story of a slut that went 3's up n got knocked up

  17. Dad in the Freeman after heart attack yesterday. What's he want bringing in? Only @stevewraith Geordie Mafia book

  18. Kid behind me in queue at Morrisons is clearly fancying his luck on #ValentinesDay #lynxeffect http://t.co/kBWmWweH

  19. Pyjama bottoms, parka and Crocs....only in Delaval

  20. And now JKs "deeper underground"

  21. Walked into workshop with Yazz, Only way is up blaring out!

  22. Closely followed by a quick breather with a cuppa http://t.co/sN4aLNAn

  23. Lying in bed with a much needed cuppa & Choco Leibniz thanks to my very lovely @ellietog for packing 'em

  24. "Daddy...can you put my poster back up? I've put dried bogies on the wall to stick it"This is why I love being a dad!

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