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  1. ...what do I find on bank statement? Been billing me monthly for it....total robbing useless #Orange bastards

  2. Watching Lizard Lick Recovery, it makes Dog the Bounty Hunter look like an episode of Countdown

  3. Whichever #Nufc player it is that drives a matt grey Bentley, they're now 3 points worse off thanks to Benton Rd speed camera

  4. Gym session #2 completed.....10k bike, 3k run (followed by collapse)

  5. “@rammlet: @pjwhitfield Great tune! You heathen!”That and Lennons Imagine are right up there on the "shitestick" scale

  6. “@GingerFTM: “ http://t.co/gB7zEM6B”Epitome of everything wrong with footballers”Wonder if Chops is upto date with HMRC?

  7. “@MarcSDuffy: Imagine we believed every transfer rumour we read. Dozens a day, every day.”95% of #Nufc hashtag does

  8. “@NorthernJam: @pjwhitfield thanks for posting that, I'm gonna fret now till the summer.”Chill Winstaaaaaan

  9. First trip to Gym for 2 years.....nailed it!

  10. Just found what appears to be a lump of hard green chewing gum in an Asda teacake

  11. “@Northolt_QPR: Dear #NUFC fans..... you're a town of fat bastards and mingers!”That's nowt, wait til you visit Huddersfield next year

  12. Aaaaarrrggh!Forgot me bastard wallet!Arsechunks!

  13. Player signs for #nufcPlayer scores goalsPlayer gets linked with #mufc moveThe circle of football journalism continues

  14. Yup, @themichaelowen throws a punch exactly as I imagined he would#pisspoor #paperbag #Nufc #scfc #motd

  15. Site Donations

    As you know a lot of work has gone on lately to get this forum into a better state, as a result we now have a much more responsive, user friendly and much faster site. This has however come at a cost, we now have hosting bills of over £40 per month and have had to upgrade the software. between the 4 of the fulltime admins (Me, Craig, Tom and now Ant) we will ensure that it never goes down and the bills are paid however many of you have offered to chip in on numerous occasions, usually when its been running like a pissed Heather MIlls. Now that its like a whippet on speed will you be so generous? Any amount will be gratefully received and all monies raised will go on the running of this place, we've agreed that Toms penchant for hookers in custard will no longer be subsidised by toontastic, those days are long gone. Anyone donating a tenner or more will be added to an Investors group, with a new badge to show that you are along with a toontastic.net email address. Just PM one of us if you'd rather not promote the fact you're flush. Please note however, a donation does not make you immune from any moderation required, likewise you'll be treat no differently if you dont donate, you will simply have it imprinted on your conscience that my child shall go hungry once in a while There is a donate button on the main page, please think of the children Thank You
  16. Before I shuffle off this mortal coil I want to know the truth about Xisco #Nufc

  17. So if they can't get the AGM going what happens again?

  18. “@TheKingswoodAFC: Devastated to say that reserve team player/manager Mike Rodman collapsed and died on the pitch today!RIP

  19. “@RodneyMarsh10: I guarantee #QPR will get through to the next round!”How's that going again Rodders?

  20. Amazing how many #Nufc fans shouting "Innocent til proven guilty". They're right but small memories, #shesaidNoTitus anyone?

  21. Mind no wonder Michael Chopra is skint if he's been purposefully backing losers#mugsGame

  22. Tell you what....I bastard love The Transporter films

  23. I assume if anyone has a problem with a @NilePowerRanger tweet he'll be offering to meet them in D wing canteen from now on?


    #Toulouse website confirms Sissoko joins us, #Nufc site confirms "onesies are on special offer"

  25. Last night I made Chorizo, egg & chips after seeing @tt9m photo from Barcelona. Top scran, went down well with @ellietog

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