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  1. I'm gonna bet #BBCnews don't go back to Pat Nevin in an hours time. Made them look stupid

  2. My last RT is the ball boy from tonight. I've not seen incident but quick scan of timeline shows he's more irritating than a hazard!


    #BBCNews there just cut to a black screen with words "Insert A Levels Graphic" for 30secs




  4. “@antpayne77: Mapou, mapou, mapou is on fire!”Bad curry?

  5. "@simplesima: Jesus Christ I think Graham Carr is actually #Teampervert"Maybe he's getting Alan to help him?

  6. Yanga-Mbiwa, voulez vous couchez avec Newcastle. Qu'ellé héur a til mon cherie por favór #Nufc !!!!!!!!#gerrin! #Nufc

  7. Oh shit! Rozzers must have caught up with @stfccrazies #badTimes#detention

  8. Montpelliers president doesn't care what comes out of his mouth....or in it for that matter!http://t.co/BKAflrKb

  9. “@theberrypub: @AreetDafty you drink pints of water”At least he won't drink the profits!

  10. “@STFCCRAZIES: @MrDDyer u seen football factory fella???”You couldn't make it up

  11. “@juniorturner84: @tone_69 pressure on pardew....really ?? Last night in aspers http://t.co/923XW9hi”FAIL

  12. “@NorthernJam: @pjwhitfield sorry mate, @nilepowerranger wish he'd feck off”You and most of Newcastle mate

  13. I love the way some #nufc fans post what they think the #avfc starting 11 will be including 3 or 4 signings#deluded

  14. “@NUFCThreatLevel: Christ. RT @RobHarris http://t.co/IS3SV0Hs”Any #spurs or #mufc fan buying one should be shot with shit

  15. “@sd_sar: BBC News - Swansea's Angel Rangel helps homeless in the city http://t.co/HDkj9VjB”And we have @NilePowerRanger

  16. Anyone got Leonardo Jardim's number?#nufc

  17. “@mark_brophy: I'll have 2 of pie & bottle deal at £12.60 rather than pie & drink deal at £12.90 thanks #nufc http://t.co/673ZCO24”Genius

  18. Can we start a twitter campaign to get a Keegans burger hut back in Leazes Corner? #nufc

  19. “@arrivanortheast: SERVICE UPDATE: all services running out of our Blythe depot are being taken off. ” Phew! At least Blyth still on!

  20. Tesco, give me a grands worth of shopping by Friday for free otherwise I'm going to go buy some elsewhere #SanLorenzoLogic

  21. Seriously man, there must be safer pastimes than commuting via Victoria. How about blindfold fencing? Or naked BBQ?

  22. Can't believe they put Green Street on at 10pm on a school night, poor @CHAOSCREW_NCFC are missing it

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