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  1. Cheetara from Thundercats is in Cramlington McDonalds...wearing leggings and Uggs http://t.co/Mjd2MFqz

  2. Things you don't hear: but Blockbusters can't go bust, that's a sound business model

  3. Random Destinys Child comment #Nufc

  4. “@the_dilsh: “@TobinKnowsBest: @the_dilsh Is Remy a mug for choosing qpr?”Time will tell!!”Correct answer was YES Rob


    #safc fans: don't bin that "Wembley tour" banner, you can use it in next years 3rd round replay

  6. So was Remy one of Those that Carr has been tracking for years?

  7. Playing at #SJP after Loftus Rd will be like Jim Bowen wheeling out speedboat#LookWhatYouCouldHaveWon http://t.co/3R4NKCkG

  8. If #qpr did snatch Remy then could we sing "we paid his fare..." #FahkinLiberty #Nufc

  9. Wolverine wondered why his Lonely Hearts ad failed.."@MackemLogic: WTF???? #MackemLogic #SAFC #FTM #NUFC http://t.co/w4nB1bBf”

  10. That last RT man, how can a 12 year old say they're against modern football?

  11. “@piersmorgan: I pay full price for 4 season tickets”Are you tweeting from the game then?

  12. Remy Remy give us your answer doWe're half crazy at thought of signing you Come & do some damageJust like Peter Ramage#nufc

  13. I seem to remember "too good to go down" being a much used statement 4 years ago too

  14. Good to hear our "boys" got out of Norwich ok, @CHAOSCREW_NCFC Look pwopa nawty. #nufc

  15. Hmmm @NUFCThreatLevel have you ever thought of running a competition? Could be an idea #justSayingLike

  16. Can't believe how naive some of #Nufc tag are. Feeling sorry for Colo? Bollocks he's screwing us over

  17. I saw Colo in Tesco yesterday buying 10 bottles of Dulcolax#nufc #justSaying

  18. “@Iwantcurlyhair2: San Lorenzo based in Boedo district. 1 square mile & 46,324 people. I think we could have them.” http://t.co/DDMjOya8

  19. “@NorthernJam: Gonna give the new iron ago, start with my undies first, then tea towels.”Living the dream kidda,


    #SixWordFilmPlots Lunatics rob jewellers, all goes wrong

  21. Seriously, have you ever seen a cuter pic than this? #ganninSoft http://t.co/8tSY83PN

  22. PickTV Claire from #Steps on eating and her weight.I now know why you never see H anymore, she's scranned him

  23. “@oldheatonian: Another horrible tory on #newsnight Notsurprised”Have you ever seen a nice one?

  24. Mobile speed camera, cat n dog shelter, Benton #teamgeordie #Newcastle

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