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  1. That view of Newcastle though isnt helped by our own local journalists. Take the Chronicles Sophie Doughty, Ive taken the piss out of her a couple of times on twitter for having the following line in her stories "....where houses sell for upto £....."


    She had it in an articel about a murder in an "exclusive part of Jesmond" where (and I shit you not) the words were "where houses sell for upto £250k".


    Fuck me man, £250k gets you piss all these days but anyone from out of the area must have thought "what a pissing shit hole". All of these kind of things go towards promoting the down trodden, shitty part of the world that others want to believe. Wonga and Sports Direct are just an extension of that myth.

  2. I'm also very dubious as to whether meetings like this will have any impact on the decision whatsoever, they are just point scoring exercises by the club. Mike isn't going to write off a multi million pound deal just because the fans don't like it. That ship sailed years ago

    I dont believe for a second that the aim of the meeting is to reverse the decision, to be fair it would be commercia suicide, having to redo tops etc and basically would be telling any other potential sponsors to steer clear of us. Also the meeting hasnt been arranged by the club but by a fans group.


    I think the overall reasoning is to give both the club and company an insight into why some fans have quite extreme views of this, maybe with a view to changing some approaches etc rather than an all out "Fuck off Wonga" approach.

  3. I've been invited to take part in a debate next Monday involving Wonga, the club, local MPs and Citizens Advice Bureau and would be interested in the boards view overall of the sponsorship deal and what it means to fans.


    Just how strong are your feelings towards the company? is it bringing down the good name of our club or is it really not a problem at all as far as you're concerned.


    What concerns do you have? is the recent talk of regulation and criticism from the likes of Church of England etc a worry when it comes to the company upholding its side of any deal.


    Overall, do we really give a shit as long as the club brings in money or is this really a big deal?



    oh and hello folks, owt been happening while Ive been away?

  4. Well I for one am definitely not convinced we'll stay up. From this point on its down to how well teams do to strengthen/keep their best players and the commitment of each teams players. QPR have shown they have the ability if you can get them going as a team, something 'Arry could well now be managing (plus they will spend). Wigan regularly manage to avoid the drop regardless of how little resources they have so they're far better equipped for this fight than some other teams.


    I've been working on comparing the 08/09 season against this one based on actual results ie how everyone did in the same matches that have been played so far. its not good reading Im afraid.


    Obviously its not an exact science, teams have come and gone since then so its been a case of replacing like for like each season ie 3rd relegated team replaced by Championship champions, bottom by 3rd placed promotee etc, year on year until we end up with the current league.


    Attached is how the table would have looked back in 08/09 with the same teams and results.


    Worryingly we are now 2 points, 1 place and -4 GD behind worse off than from the same games the year we went down.


    I know I've generally been the voice of doom but even more worryingly this year I was optimistic!

  5. I used to have the same view of Wraith, that he was only interested in self promotion and was permanently getting himself on the box/ radio etc to be interviewed about NUFC. After my time with NUST however I came to realise that it wasnt him chasing the interviews but the other way round.


    Basically, once media get the number of someone they can get a soundbite from they go to them relentlessly. Steve, I believe is one of those, At the same time, hes not going to turn them down, it would be daft for a promoter and aspiring actor to miss out on a chance. Same went for the bloke who ran "Independent Supporters Trust" (cant remember his name, ran pub at Four Lane Ends I think). He was never off the box, once NUST appeared though he happily passed their details on to media people and dropped out.


    Steve, is a canny bloke, Im not aquainted with him as well as the likes of Ian is but Ive had a few conversations and a couple of pints over the last 2 or so years and I can see he has a passion for NUFC. More importantly hes very well connected and generally if he says something has happened/ is happening in the club you can be fairly confident its true.

  6. Without a doubt. Im expecting a mass exodus now like.




    Back in the days when we had good reason to worry about mass clearouts and players jumping ship you were there calling anyone who dared mention the possibility. Now, when we're possibly the most stable we have been for a couple of years you're all doom and gloom.

  7. That for me is the crux of the matter. She must have been fairly fragile in the first place to even contemplate suicide over this.


    Thats not something these DJs knew or even had reason to contemplate, anyone who has heard the tape would have to be a bit touched to believe it to be the real thing. She was put in a position which would have been awkward to say the least, she most likely felt it was a hoax but at the same time didnt dare say anything on the call in case she was wrong. The fact it was put through to the ward by the Receptionist who clearly believed it to be real would have made it a whole lot harder for the nurse.


    No matter what, the Hospital is at fault here, they should have had processes in place for dealing with calls, after all this is a hospital which has royal and famous patients regularly. Surely there was a protocol to follow? a one off number for Royal family to call rather than the general one etc etc











    Still doesnt get round the fact that Phillip bumped her off like

  8. Am I being pedantic, that I think the bloke with by far the most important role in N.E. journalism shouldn't write something as cringeworthy as this below? I probably am like, but I'm old fashioned and he makes a mockery of what should be a quality job.



    Lee Ryder@lee_ryder

    And #nufc fans to Pulis: "You're just a tramp in a tracksuit!" #scfc




    Nah Im with you on that, Ryders problem...sorry one of Ryders many problems is that he thinks hes one of the lads "I remember sitting on the away bus in 92 supping White Lightning" being one his more memorable statements. You can imagine him at away games sitting in the press box, joining in with a line or two of "your support is fucking shit" and then expecting a hearty laugh from his fellow journos, who all to a man will be thinking "cock"

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