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  1. Gazza

    http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-1267784,00.html Get well soon, you drunken old twat.
  2. The Twitter Thread

    Use this thread to talk about Twitter rumours & other discussions relating to twitter - do not clutter the forums or other threads with posts in relation to twitter hearsay. In regards to potential transfers mentioned by a newspaper or a reputable journalist or television news show please discuss it in The Transfer Thread (2011)
  3. Socrates

    Ex Brazil captain, although BBC still shows him as on life support, seemingly he died earlier on. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/16017071.stm Who can forget his time at Garforth Town RIP Oh hairy one
  4. Site running costs

    As you know a lot of work has gone on lately to get this forum into a better state, as a result we now have a much more responsive, user friendly and much faster site. This has however come at a cost, we now have hosting bills of over £40 per month and have had to upgrade the software. between the 4 remaining admins (Me, Craig, Tom and now Ant) we will ensure that it never goes down and the bills are paid however many of you have offered to chip in on numerous occasions, usually when its been running like a pissed Heather MIlls. Now that its like a whippet on speed will you be so generous? Any amount will be gratefully received and all monies raised will go on the running of this place, we've agreed that Toms penchant for hookers in custard will no longer be subsidised by toontastic, those days are long gone. Anyone donating a tenner or more will be added to an Investors group, with a new badge to show that you are along with a toontastic.net email address. Just PM one of us if you'd rather not promote the fact you're flush. Please note however, a donation does not make you immune from any moderation required, likewise you'll be treat no differently if you dont donate, you will simply have it imprinted on your conscience that my child shall go hungry once in a while There is a donate button on the main page, please think of the children Thank You
  5. Wonga and NUFC

    I've been invited to take part in a debate next Monday involving Wonga, the club, local MPs and Citizens Advice Bureau and would be interested in the boards view overall of the sponsorship deal and what it means to fans. Just how strong are your feelings towards the company? is it bringing down the good name of our club or is it really not a problem at all as far as you're concerned. What concerns do you have? is the recent talk of regulation and criticism from the likes of Church of England etc a worry when it comes to the company upholding its side of any deal. Overall, do we really give a shit as long as the club brings in money or is this really a big deal? oh and hello folks, owt been happening while Ive been away?
  6. Puds gallery

    I find some good subject matter down the coast especially at Tynemouth. This image was taken in December late afternoon, Photoshop has been used to crop the image I then modified the curve to make more of a silhouette of the surfer. I quite enjoy pics in fog although I reckon there must be a nack to it that Ive not yet sussed, the first one is as taken, the second I amended the curve again to make more of a silhouette of the foreground buildings. This has laways been one of my favourite images, its a lightbulb on the Baltic Christmas Tree taken nice and close up. Red Arrows during the Great North Run, I modified the levels in Photoshop to bring the blue of the sky out. This is now my new favourite image, I think its the Prescription Pricing building at the end of the Tyne Bridge, when I get the chance I'll upload the original as this one has been straightened and darkened in Photoshop and its a good example of how an image can be made much better with some simple tweaks. I think I overlooked the original as a nothing pic until I played around with it. Daffodils taken at Beadnell (I think). Definitely on the coast, no changes made in Photoshop. An old old pic taken at the Tall Ships. This was with an old Kodak digi cam and was taken at about 4am when the sun was justcoming up. Slight tweak to the colours in Photoshop. Another lightbulb at the Baltic ths time taken in daylight and looking through the bulb at the buildings on the Newcastle side of the river. This is simply a wall at the Baltic (again) I just liked how the bricks around the grill had been discoloured. Amen Corner next to the Cathedral, at night the orange glow from the streetlight gives it an eerie feel. Down the steps on the Swing Bridge, always loved this pic. Another lightbulb pic, this time I monochromed it so the flare stood out.
  7. Gejon.

    Sorry if I've misunderstood that Cath, Did he die due to drink?
  8. Gejon.

    RIP Jon, One of the real old timers and a fine person to boot.
  9. Wonga and NUFC

    That view of Newcastle though isnt helped by our own local journalists. Take the Chronicles Sophie Doughty, Ive taken the piss out of her a couple of times on twitter for having the following line in her stories "....where houses sell for upto £....." She had it in an articel about a murder in an "exclusive part of Jesmond" where (and I shit you not) the words were "where houses sell for upto £250k". Fuck me man, £250k gets you piss all these days but anyone from out of the area must have thought "what a pissing shit hole". All of these kind of things go towards promoting the down trodden, shitty part of the world that others want to believe. Wonga and Sports Direct are just an extension of that myth.
  10. Wonga and NUFC

    I dont believe for a second that the aim of the meeting is to reverse the decision, to be fair it would be commercia suicide, having to redo tops etc and basically would be telling any other potential sponsors to steer clear of us. Also the meeting hasnt been arranged by the club but by a fans group. I think the overall reasoning is to give both the club and company an insight into why some fans have quite extreme views of this, maybe with a view to changing some approaches etc rather than an all out "Fuck off Wonga" approach.
  11. Wonga and NUFC

    Leave WH Smith out of it, they've been a mainstay of the High Street stationery supplies for years.
  12. Dear Alan Pardew, I'm 6ft 7, when should I turn up for training? #nufc

  13. “@hailfabio: If you're tired of london, you're tired of ?”A smelly, dirty, crime ridden shitstick of a city?

  14. Pub of choice for the next couple of days http://t.co/xq8m5Nstim

  15. rigorous criteria for new twitter app to use, thrown into disarray when I see Newcastle pic @danrubin #ImSad http://t.co/PpNrDSgEvq

  16. Emmmm excuse me Mr Weather but any chance you could piss reet off? Off to Slaley for a few days

  17. In the #UAE a handshake means "I'm going to lick your face". Good luck with that lads#TheApprentice

  18. ....and the DNA results show.......you're a tool. http://t.co/C3kRYUE6P9

  19. Hey @EDLTrobinson, I'll sponsor you if you do another Hunger Strike, shouldn't cost much if your past attempt is owt to go by.

  20. Seriously man, how does that wanker getaway with screaming abuse at his kids, foul mouthed cockmuncher #skint

  21. From now on I'm unfollowing anyone doing that whole #twitter92 shite

  22. “@EDLTrobinson: I found myself singing Geordie Geordie Geordie today! What a city, what people”99% of us think you're a cockend

  23. “@tfBettsy1892: @micknufc @pjwhitfield Iraqi, muslamic cereal.” is that the stuff made by Hal & Al?

  24. “@tfBettsy1892: @pjwhitfield oh no! Not the muslamic ray guns?? Shit!!”Nobody is safe now they've got Muslamic Ray guns!

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