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  1. I'm surprised at us, finish 16th but call fans that are celebrating 4th. We'd be dancing in the streets for weeks if it was #nufc

  2. You can't get any more continental Geordie than toasted stottie with Brie http://t.co/QEZOudxTKf

  3. ....how much resentment could be caused when Mary the kit washer loses life changing amount because a 50k week player didn't bother

  4. “@StephNUFC: Non-playing staff? So does that include Pardew, Stone and Carver?”And Shola

  5. The sensible protest tomorrow is to simply leave at full time. The thought of a lap of 'honour' after this season is sickening

  6. “@ajhmurray: Stoke Regent complete with UFO ceiling. Thank you!! http://t.co/KoM9ge99i7”Bloke next to blonde in blue...how smalls his head?

  7. “@lee_ryder: @LukeEdwardsTele I didn't knock any story. I did my job. #nufcFirst time for everything there Lee.

  8. Hoooo @IanRobGill where's me #nooyork pics? Just watching this place http://t.co/DphV1FIjNP on Food Network, get down there!

  9. If ever a decision changed a game

  10. While another (& I shit yee not here) has shouted at her 1 year old girl who is called...wait for it....Tyson

  11. “@thebroonkegs: Right iPad wanker http://t.co/SIOgduFM3f”I believe he may be a cleaner at my work! Stand upwind of him and you'll know

  12. I'm playing FishWithAttitude on my iPhone - Everyone should check it out! AppStore: http://t.co/k0lkRY1ffp

  13. That were a pwopa Bo derby that .....

  14. Well over 200 people packed into the Crem yesterday for dads funeral. I hope I'm half as popular when I go

  15. “@MongWatch: Norwich Chaos Crew' top boy!? http://t.co/khMSVEldJX”Did he spell 'We' wrong? looks like Wee

  16. “@abbeybelll: Looove Rules of Engagement ????”If you close your eyes it's just an unfunny Family Guy episode

  17. “@sageuk: Before #RTI begins you'll need to tackle #Payroll Year End”ahhhh #RTI my fave subject!#sad @PaddyJGraham

  18. “@digitalspybrk: 'Geordie Shore' heading to Sydney for sixth series http://t.co/cI0vmSEyYY”Newcastles gain is Sydneys loss

  19. “@WeePhillie: Get in you beauty... #FTM”Oh deary me.... #SMB

  20. My Nana was buried exactly 1 week before her birthday. Friday is my dads funeral 7 days later would be his 69th birthday. #weirdShit

  21. If its an Omelette maker why serve pasta on the box? http://t.co/sn9Hr26CwQ

  22. “@Hev_Roberts97: @Nigella_Lawson i did my English presontation on you and i got and A!! XD my first A i was so proud x”Standards. Slipping

  23. Bloody hell it's been a bad week for Roobarb & Custard, first Richard Briers now animator Bob Godfrey!http://t.co/JviFgiTUBX

  24. “@CoffeeDaft: @pjwhitfield marriage ;p”Nah! More fun than that!!!

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