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  1. “@Iwantcurlyhair2: Well at least we don't have to worry about our unbeaten in 2013 record...”It was a burden, I'm glad it's over tbh

  2. If Lord Of the Rings had been set in 1977 then Leyton Baines would be nailed on for a starring role

  3. “@orrible_git: Funny how women wake up and think of loved ones. Men wake up and check their balls are still there”Same thing though

  4. “@honigstein: Cisse's attitude, knee & contractual situation much healthier than Ba's #NUFC”It's goals that win games though

  5. “@Tony_Jeffries: 2013 is first year since 1987 to have all different numbers!”& 0,1,2,3 is in your counting range, result! #smb

  6. “@tfeditor1892: Rushing back players rather than signing new ones to strengthen the squad? http://t.co/lv3lD0c7 #NUFC”Like 2 new signings

  7. “@oldheatonian: @pjwhitfield the miracle being the other 137 channels”Alan Carr will be on 18 of them!

  8. Sat in Aneesa's at Quayside, trouble is there's no food out yet! #clammin!!!

  9. “@mackemroyster: @gordythemag @MartinRaine @NufcAwayDays ..9-1”Ahhh the classic retort

  10. 1 plus point of @dannysimpson shagging @officialtulisa, she'll probably want him to move to London soon

  11. “@BBCSporf: FACT: 83% of the male population are currently spending the night in with @GaryLineker #MOTD”Other 17% are #Nufc fans

  12. Now, where's that Panic button?#Nufc

  13. “@ScottFenwick13: Does anyone else think Phil Thomsons is a scouse prick!”Even his missus says he is

  14. Why when showing a pic of you & your son in Toon tops do you feel the need to mention two of Geordie bastard Shore?

  15. Desperate for sleep however George is awake & loudly singing the Hokey Cokey in the next room

  16. “@UkSportsTvGuide: Great classic prize for United fans. Win Signed Gordon Strachan Shirt...”A Strachan signed #nufc shirt? Why?

  17. “@PlumsOfDoom: Ginger nuts. The dinner of the #sick”Dunk em in Lemonade, fantastic

  18. “@toontastic: Got to admit, score, the freebie app of the day is pretty damn good” I'm addicted

  19. “@Tony_Jeffries: What a great result, just made my day......Sunderland 1 - Man City 0 #SAFC #FTM” good to see you happy Glasshands

  20. We were very closely beaten by league leaders at their place, did way more than anyone expected #nufc well done lads

  21. Gonna have to take a pint of water to bed with me after this cake!#potent

  22. “@ThisDave: Can I come round to yours for Christmas? I won't eat loads.”You'd eat us out of house & home

  23. “@NufcAwayDays: I'm walking home Newcastle, cos the taxis cost a fucking bomb.......”Ye'll waaaalk the streets aaaaal day & neet

  24. “@NilePowerRanger: Maybe its because ima LONDONER”....that you love Lahndahnnnnn town?

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