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  1. Newcastle

    So finally this weekend (v Swansea) will be my first time to visit Newcastle and see us play live. I arrive early (10am) in the morning from London and have all Saturday (including the game obviously) and then most of Sunday morning until about 1pm to see some sights. What would you recommend as a must see? I was wanting to head to Tynemouth on Sunday morning but other than that I have no idea on what is good to see or do? Thoughts and suggestions needed.
  2. FM 2011

    I have A$3.5 million... not much at all so a tight budget.
  3. FM 2011

    So i just downloaded this game from GAME. This will be the first FM series that i have played since FM08 by my reckoning. Can someone give me a quick rundown of what to do first and how they generally will start a new game with Newcastle? I am thinking - cheap players to get, training regimes, backroom staff, tactics to employ etc
  4. The Ashes

    Or the neck. Where's Wellsy btw? I still lurk around Alex. Great series by England and has been some good cricket to watch. We have been completely outplayed and without Hussey (who was on the verge of being dropped before the series) it could have been over well before the MCG test. How good is Cook? Just played within himself and didn't try and create something out of nothing. Had an outstanding series so far and scored about 600 runs so far with 1 more test to go. Could get 700+ runs in the series, which is no mean feat. Jimmy Anderson has been great also. His swing bowling has been spot on and that is something that our bowlers need to work on. He is consistent and not erratic like half our bowlers that we have. Been a superstar this series also. Would be good to watch England v South Africa in a series. Both have some great talent at the moment, so would be great to see who would take out that series? I am moving to England in less than 10 days so hopefully there is a series of cricket i can and see at Lords shortly. For what it is worth, we will get owned at the SCG. We need to move on some of the players and get in some of the youngsters to lead us into the future.
  5. My stream went down and missed the goal! Can anyone PM a link to a stream please.
  6. Moving to England

    You will qualify if you can show that: * you are a Commonwealth citizen * you are aged 17 or over * you have a grandparent who was born in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man (see note below) * you have a grandparent who was born in what is now the Republic of Ireland before 31 March 1922 (see note below) * you are able to work and intend to do so in the UK, and * you can support yourself and any dependants without needing any help from public funds.
  7. Moving to England

    Cheers guys for the information. There is a teaching agency in Newcastle and i was thinking of living in London (or maybe on the outskirts now as the costs seem far better) and then move to the north east for 6 months - 12 months. How much is a train to and from London to Newcastle?
  8. Moving to England

    Well i have finally taken the plunge and i am selling all my stuff here in Perth and moving to London next January. So i am throwing it open to you lot to give me some ideas, hints and tips et al. I should be able to obtain the ancestory visa, which will give me 5 years in the UK. I will be linking up with teaching agencies to do work. I was looking around the Fulham area for living as i have heard that isnt too shabby. But is there a better one with cheapish rent still? What are the must haves? I need an oyster card. Who would be the best mobile phone carrier to go with? What are the best sites to see? How do i get to a Newcastle game? Just feed me with information on the mother country lads and lasses! And yes i know your country will be better with another Australian in it
  9. The Ashes

    Well done England, well played especially on that second day when we collapsed due to good pressure bowling with a bit of swing. Amazing contrasts in the last test. I think we lost it on the first test when we were unable to take that last wicket between Monty and Jimmy Anderson. England would have surely taken more from that test then what we did and carried it on through the rest of the series. Strauss, was awesome through the series with his batting and i assume he took out the player of the series? Amazingly though we had more players with more runs then England and the top 3 bowlers in terms of wickets taken but still lost the series 2-1. Probably says we were massively outplayed in a few sessions throughout the test series in which we lost a heap of wickets in quick succession after players had set up some good totals but then collapsed. In all honesty though i do think we will tear you to shreds when you come to Australia though. No Flintoff and Harmy wont be around too much longer or will he? I think our bouncy pitches will test you out with hopefully Siddle and Mitch hitting their potential with more experience.
  10. Toon bid hopefuls backed by New York firm

    This Graham roberts ?? what group is he in ? http://www.nusc.org.uk/news.php?news_type=new Would look better if they could spell Wednesday correctly, Wendesdays If we run like Barca, would that mean that everyone would have to be a member of NUSC? All Barcelona fans aren't members, are they? Not sure how they are run. I know they have fans input some how, so i assumed that would be through some sort of supporters club. Hence the question if you want the fans involved would they have to be members of a supporters club/season ticket holder?
  11. Toon bid hopefuls backed by New York firm

    This Graham roberts ?? what group is he in ? http://www.nusc.org.uk/news.php?news_type=new Would look better if they could spell Wednesday correctly, Wendesdays If we run like Barca, would that mean that everyone would have to be a member of NUSC?
  12. Best Of Youtube

    Pretty impressive
  13. Sir Bobby Robson passes away age 76

    Hate to say this but I feel Sir Bob should get a stand named after him but not before Joe Harvey has Suggestion on NO that we should name the academy after him.
  14. Sir Bobby Robson passes away age 76

    Too true! So sad, this is not what he would have wanted. Just watched the footage of him at the England v Germany game, sad. RIP Sir Bobby, will never forget the years you were manager at the club. Happy times.
  15. Please, for the love of god noooooooo!!!!

    Surely not... when you thought it couldn't get any worse!

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