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  1. duo

    Demba Ba

    Think it's his agent trying to stir interest with all this paper talk Has he been offered a new contract?
  2. Wonder why Jan 31st and not end of season. T'is a good deal mind.
  3. I'm guessing he doesnt like Shearer
  4. Was just thinking games, Thur, Sat.... But I guess the answer to my question is no.
  5. lol....where did that come from?
  6. Not think Europa League is a bit like a poison chalice? Defo going to affect our league form
  7. Why wasnt Foster playing?
  8. Tactics were wrong today simple as that.
  9. That's the key - keeping this squad together. Going to be a long summer.
  10. So close yet so far.....wonder how long before we'll get that close again.
  11. If Chelsea win now and deprive 4th spot of champions league it'll make me feel better.
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