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  1. Christoph Daum

    Never mind! But perhaps...I think I'm not quite shure I mean that Daum... Wait a minute...I have to think about it *1 minute later* I mixed him up with s.o. sry
  2. Christoph Daum

    No that isn't true but tbh lol I got the joke now...nice one *rofl*
  3. Christoph Daum

    I do not tbh Well Daum did good work here in germany with the U-21 squad I reckon. I do not know what he could do in Newcastle but every trainer is better than Glenn at this time... I do not like Daum but he was a great footballer and can also be a successful coach.
  4. Beckham £5Million

    that is what strikers should do...but not the strikers newcastle's signing I think the signings of two forwards would be nice, because after the first match one of the two lads will be injured
  5. If Roeder left tomorrow..

    Exactly! Big Al back to NUFC We need him back at the pitch as a player or as a trainer...both tbh Well Alan 206 goals during your chareer as a trainer are not enough tbh
  6. Martins

    I agree with you Jem (welcome here ) but tbh Newcastle is not the club every player runs to...maybe Roeder had no other choise? whatever, I think Luque is still much better than the sib will be (well he scored...) and because of that Roeder should give him another chance tbh
  7. What would you rather be?

    footballer playing for your club must be the greatest thing in the world you earn much, much money and you can hunt glory
  8. Clap clap clap...

    Then someone should press it tbh this man should know the words "run" and "offside"
  9. Away Travel, Domestic & European

    If anybody needs information about the Eintracht Frankfurt-Newcastle United game, you should stick to www.eintracht.de for tickets. Tomorrow starts the advance sale there. ...more I could not tell you
  10. martins v lua lua

    Duff's the king ! Gymnast? I ever thought they should score goels well, Martins tbh
  11. Luque goals

    must be some console in reality Luque would never score these goals
  12. We're f**ked

    Mid-table Bundesliga fare. I wouldn't be too worried, though it won't be a cakewalk either. exactly... I do not think they are a very hard one. perhaps Given is fit then again frankfurt is not the team we have to wory bout
  13. A right to success.

    That's exactly what I wanted to mention ! BIg is not cuccessful Well, NUFC is not successful but I think they are as big as possible in the moment look at all the fans around the world... even me I could be a Bremen fan or a Bayern fan Big clubs from germany well known all over the world... But I do not know not a few clubs having so big fans like the toon
  14. Toon Chants/Songs

    I've got that song now ! (Blaydon Races) Well, I do understand a few geordie words like gannin' or something but that text is very difficult for some young german lad just speaking a bit english Could someone translate this song into standard english and tell me what's the song about ?

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