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  1. Going to Florida for 2 weeks in May and possibly over to Hungary to see the missus family at some point after that too.
  2. If this was true im pretty sure it would have made the papers the next morning, not sunday morning.
  3. He'd be a very logical signing tbh, especially since we're weak at Left Back. Probably the exact reason it hasn't happened. Or that he is always injured like....................
  4. Im getting sacked in the morning!
  5. I'll believe it if it stays like that at the final whistle on the last day, lets not get too confident.
  6. Sure I heard the Ipswich fans singing "Sack Bobby Robson, you never sack Bobby Robson", or was I just hearing things?
  7. Good luck, at least you will be able to watch it with the Cardiff fans. Ive heard they are a nice lot...........................
  8. Brazil 1-0 Shocking defending, the defence is obviously missing Coloccini.
  10. Some people in this thread sound like Liverpool fans they way they go on about our history! Just hope Agent Chopra helps us out like he did the last time he played against us!
  11. Noelie used to have a season ticket for Newcastle East End man!
  12. Was looking to go to this one on the train but a return from Manchester Piccadilly to London Euston is £66 and then have to get the tube to Selhurst then back out and beer aswel.
  13. Think I would wet myself if he went there.
  14. He was still a Southampton player the stupid cunts, that was 91/92 when we were 23rd in Division Two, they were getting 33,000 under Houllier in the Premiership. Fucking scouse cunts, I honestly hate them. ps Man City, Wolves, and Leeds huge gates in the lower leagues??? All lower than us in either of 1984 or 1993 in a lower league. Fucking idiots. What a sad, bitter man you are. bet your a right barrel of laughs. Face it mate, we outclass you more or less every single time we play you lot, and no matter how hard you try we are by far a bigger club than you, with ten times the am
  15. I think The Arkles is the away fans pub unless we are still barred from there?
  16. Went drinking on Saturday night and when they were dropped to the bench on Wednesday they did this: Obviously been watching a Peter Kay tour DVD the night before.
  17. Disgraceful on the part of the national media how Jade fucking Goody is getting more press than the great man, who is raising money to save other peoples lives. This country has gone to shit.
  18. Bollocks to him, sure as hell couldnt be arsed at Wigan when he decided just to walk straight down the tunnel when he couldnt be arsed.
  19. I like it when you see loads of people at the match in b&w tops but I never wear one myself (5-a-side apart). I think they're for kids really. I've got the odd old one I might occasionally dig out (Asics one mentioned before and the beer mat / grandad collar one). I've got a couple of match-worn ones I've been given since then too. Never wear those either. Should probably sell them on ebay really. The match worn shirts are probably worth keeping if they are from a player of note - just to have. There was a bloke selling some on here who had some class ones. I do have a load
  20. Since when have NUFC ever had luck?!
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