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  1. I went to see him last night and im still smiling... he was awesome!!! Did all along the watch tower, a really good version of desolation row and even did masters of war.. im made up for life!
  2. If I had the time and the money id go.... camping wouldnt bother me...although... the website under the rules etc says no tents or camping gear allowed?? what you supposed to camp in?? a cardboard box?
  3. drivers side but ive only got a small corsa so the pump reaches no matter which pump I go to in the station...
  4. think they must have fed the writers of these oddball programmes some fucking weird drugs !! you have tracy knocking her bloke off in corrie just to get one over on him and stella the child catcher/maniac in eastenders showing ppl how to fuck childrens minds up.. just hope the writers arent drawing on childhood memorries for the inspiration
  5. seth lakeman.... mmmmm what a tasty man even if he does play the violin !
  6. know where I could get it from?
  7. I used to use a programme called Direct Connect to get my ermmm....slightly dodgy copies of music etc.. Now though Ive been using Morpheus and lets just say its , well...shite ! Anyone know of another programme I could get from anyhere??
  8. now why cant the dog go around the car??????
  9. after 3 years of threatening it my mate has set up his playstation so he can sit on the bog and take a dump with whilst playing on his playstation! and we make sure he washes/wipes the handsets aswell as his arse !!!!!!!!
  10. sprucett_78


    awwwwww Ive just found this lol, been to wazzed off be jahoobs to see straight since friday lol... thanks peeps xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MWAH xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  11. bloody civil servants, no wonder the country is up the shi**er ! too right hun There's always privatisation its what civil servants do with all that flexy time that worries me.... god knows what you all get up to tho.. could end up nickin pool cars and going off for mad midday sessions !!!!!! all while producing p45s for ppl you dont like as a joke lol
  12. bloody civil servants, no wonder the country is up the shi**er !
  13. girls in my office seem to spend the last half hour checking their faces, psraying perfume and colouring things in ?? reorganising their post its, and making pretty biro doodles for their folders??? mental ! the men seem to spend the last half hour trying to organise 5 a side footy matches that never happen and meetings in the pubs which is proably the cause....
  14. "if you think m eating that while yr clearly sniffing yr fingers yve got another thing coming matey !"
  15. I work for what is now Virgin media and theres supposed to be loads of good stuff on the horizon but in any large company there will always be some bad stuff aswell. Its right that its just a lot of merged companies under the one name, Sky threatened to withdraw its channels from Virgin media but have a contract with them so cant do it straight away. there are loads of talks going on and ofcom etc are involved but Sky are making a huge decision to try and withdraw some of their channels from all the freeview packages around aswell and want to sell them on a sky bonus scheme or a sky co
  16. a friend sent me a cheque from america and wrote the date in as 03/05/06 and when i tried to bank it in march they wouldnt let me when i explained they said try again in may !!!!!!!! idiots
  17. normal every day would be D&G feminine or JPG Like Ralph Lauren Romance and DKNY Delicious if Im off out on men im a huge fan of Issey Miyake and Armani de gio (think it is) buy guilty confesion here fellas...Lynx Africa makes me weak at the knees and not in a burn my nose off way
  18. Well seems Ive caused a little discusion lol Ive been around the forums for a while just not posted much, Im deff a her and 78 is my year of birth so you are safe on the granny front lol Was introduced to the forums by peasepud that tall gentlemanly friend of mine...
  19. sorry to move away from the granny loving and the filling of the kecks....but stick a bit of jeffs "striptease for me baby" on and itd be hard to resist the invite....
  20. Brokeback Mountain, was ok but the whole initial gay sex scene was a bit harsh, the spitting into his hand for lube was gross..... no doubt necessary but still gross !
  21. most people just dread getting their eyebrows shaved off if they fall asleep.....
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