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  1. Europe --- In or Out

  2. Europe --- In or Out

    Touch of the old Freudian there?
  3. Europe --- In or Out

    Renton: 'Everyone is ((((thick))))'!!! Meenz: Did I tell you about the time I watched Eurovision...blah blah.. Alex: 'I've got a record player' Ewok: tbs tbs..
  4. Europe --- In or Out

    Gloom: 'Please waiter heavy on the avocado if you don't mind'.
  5. Europe --- In or Out

    The TT circle jerk.
  6. Bitcoin

  7. Europe --- In or Out

    Schrodinger's cats innit.
  8. General Random Conversation..

    It's classified mate.
  9. General Random Conversation..

    The Tb3 is fitted with 4 Tesla coils reducing its mass.
  10. General Random Conversation..

    It's that moment in the pub where I get the benefit of the doubt.
  11. General Random Conversation..

    That's correct.
  12. General Random Conversation..

    Charged particles interfere with mass. Or the effect of mass on its surroundings. The universe can't tell if the mass is there or not breaking down its laws. A Tesla field would reduce interactions with space time. The ship won't actually be in space time once the field is charged. Get on first obviously and the field might cook the astronauts but one step at a time.
  13. General Random Conversation..

    Bend space innit. Wormholes. If the planet is still around for another 50 years we'll see proper space travel. They know that certain types of magnetic field reduce mass. Universal laws don't operate (hey look mass) if the info field is broken. Think the best they've managed is reducing mass by 8 percent so far. The issue is how do you create a giant magnetic field around a ship that doesn't use loads of power (mass again).
  14. General Random Conversation..

    Mass is the biggest problem. Once we understand how to get rid of mass we can get up to near light speed. If we haven't blown ourselves up before that of course.
  15. General Random Conversation..

    Single Array. There are just too many stars for some of them to not be home to inhabited planets.
  16. Klavan. Pub team at best.
  17. General Random Conversation..

    @The Fish They've been coming here for ages imo. But we're probably too backwards to warrant real interest at this point.
  18. Europe --- In or Out

    Will someone think of the muggles?!! Of course this has always been the outcome the shire renegade Tories want with reg to Brexit.
  19. Chancel Mbemba Mangulu

    Signing tomorrow according to various sources. Know nothing about him but looks strong and determined. 7.5m euro CD/RB "The centre back, who attracted interest from the likes of Atletico Madrid earlier in the summer, is expected to join his team mate Aleksandar Mitrović in swapping Belgium for Benton, as the striker was snapped arriving on Tyneside ahead of a £12.3 million move on Sunday. The terms of 20-year-old Mbemba’s deal are up in the air. Prices ranging between £6 million-£10 million have been rumoured in the press, which would take United’s spending well past the £30 million mark. In the double swoop, United seem to have addressed their two main problem areas, with the now inevitable (surely) sale of Williamson the potential cherry on top of a very sweet cake for Newcastle fans. While Mitrovic’s reputation has gone before him slightly, not too much is known about Mbemba within the ranks of the Toon Army. Although after reading this article, the Congolese international’s potential arrival will be sure to set the appetite. Here’s 10 things every Newcastle United fan should know about Chancel Mbemba…" There’s little doubting the 20-year-old’s strongest position is at centre half. Although, the type of player he is means he is just as comfortable when asked to play at right back. Mbemba, as you will learn in upcoming entries, isn’t the biggest player while his technical ability on the ball and athleticism lends itself to the rigours of being a modern day full back. That ability on the ball, coupled with his defensive nous and eye for danger, means he can also play the holding midfield role when called upon. The Congolese international has flourished in all three positions over in Belgium, which means Untied could use him in a number of ways when he is all signed up and ready to make his first team bow."
  20. Europe --- In or Out

    HDTV then!
  21. Europe --- In or Out

    I did let out a huge involuntary sigh when I read that earlier.
  22. Europe --- In or Out

    Gemmill is operating on one ball you have no such excuse.
  23. Europe --- In or Out

    I expect better from you two.
  24. We're gonna get done by Gollum and his ring.

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