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  1. Got me too, shame Rick Santorum felt the need to act like a total prick almost immediately afterwards.
  2. Fuckin get in!
  3. Great speech from Biden, actually sounds like a President unlike whatever the fuck that was trump spouted last night.
  4. Nah, saw someone else retweet it
  5. Always a tweet!
  6. Biden ahead in Georgia! get fuck in!
  7. Trump down to a 463 lead in Georgia now
  8. His lead in Georgia was down to 1776 at one point, back up to 1805 now.
  9. Twitter just censoring everything he posts now
  10. Howay Nevada, get off the gamblers and get on with it.
  11. Can't wait to see that sack of shit out of a job in the very near future.
  12. BBC News is a fucking joke nowadays.
  13. Fucker finally caught it.
  14. Shite news that, no age at all and with the world at his feet. R.I.P
  15. Shite game but worth it for those sweet, sweet Neymar tears
  16. Relieved in a way, I was never that keen on the idea of the saudis running us, Ashley might be a cunt but at least he's never beheaded anyone.
  17. Should've been the opening game of Euro 2020 tonight
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