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  1. Shola's second career......

    thought it would have been hip-hop superstar meself
  2. Owen

    Um....you sold him. whats your point? He messed us about with his contract and effectively lost us alot of money on the transfer
  3. 6 "Prem" stars waiting for HIV test results

    http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/...Prem-stars.html say no more
  4. Owen

    id have understood it more
  5. Owen

    could of gone to his boyhood club, could of come back to Liverpool he had alot of options but he chose the one giving him the best chance to revive his England career.
  6. Owen

    i expected more from someone who was brought up through our academy and who made a name for himself at our club, Liverpool made him European Player of The Year. have fun Michael ya twat
  7. Owen

    He's a fuckin judas bastard and has lost what little respect he had left with us. hope he crashes and burns
  8. Bordeaux deny Sunderland bid for Marouane Chamakh Jean-Louis Triaud, the Bordeaux president, has denied that the French champions have received a £13 million offer from Sunderland for Marouane Chamakh. The Morocco forward has one year left on his contract and is wanted by Arsenal, should Emmanuel Adebayor leave. “We never received an offer,” Triaud said. “What the f*** would he do at Sunderland? You have heard him say he will only sign for a big English club. I don’t want to insult Sunderland, but I don’t even know where they finished last season.” http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/foo...icle6643475.ece
  9. Boy Hit By Meteorite Travelling At 30,000mph!!!

    i thought it was a BOY struck by a meteorite, clearly the pictures tell a different story.

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