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  1. Scotswood/Wear/Nike/Jenny New Zealand poster who's never been abroad and tends to give one word answers. He's very open with the fact that he posts under different aliases. Thinks Hugo Viana is the best defensive midfielder on the planet.
  2. Geordie Pish - Tee-total, friendly modest guy who pisses himself a lot. He also doesn't sound like he's from Yorkshire.
  3. Superb result, superb comedy, and superbly awful defending from Celtic mean that only a minor miracle will save them from a European exit before it's really begun. No UEFA Cup trapdoor in this round!
  4. Aberdeen. ABERDEEN! Our season starts on Saturday away to Dundee United, and after we spent a WHOPPING half a million in the transfer market I'm feeling fairly optimistic about the new season. Come on you Reds!!!!
  5. Funniest toontastic moment ever that was!
  6. Hello mongs. Taken me a couple of days to register out of sheer laziness. Greetings one and all.
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