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  1. Was it the season before last when we did the same and drew 2-2?
  2. That's about his third attempt to spell it - all wrong
  3. Coronavirus

    No, data you have which you have to share is less valuable - its a contract sweetener.
  4. Daft thought - maybe that Masters didn't fancy defending the decision in front of this committee so decided to wait until after it was done. Clutching at straws but you never know.
  5. Coronavirus

    They aren't sharing the pillar 2 data with GPs either - probably a condition of the fucking private contract.
  6. Politics

    It's Trump allover - talk absolute shite which sounds good to the people who support him who'll watch the first story on the news and think "he's sorting it" but will switch off before the analysis (if there is any) takes it apart as nonsense.
  7. I always hoped there was a really junior British bloke on the writing staff that suggested it and has been laughing his cock off ever since.
  8. Precedent Trump

    I have a sneaking suspicion that if he sort of accepts that he'll lose he'll scale up what already looks like a scorched earth policy to do the most damage he can so either he or one of his horrible kids/son in law will have more of a chance against Biden in 2024 if the latter hasn't had the time to undo the damage.
  9. Coronavirus

    It comes back to personal responsibility again though - if I had been going out and about but was told there was a local cluster I'd be more than happy to go back to almost isolation. As I've said before it's about respect/fear of the virus rather than obeying rules.
  10. I realised yesterday I didn't really know who was left in the cup. Now I realise if by some miracle we get through today, we'd have Man U, Arsenal and Chelsea left. What's the fucking point.
  11. Politics

    Problem is like with Blair, in order to keep power you end up toeing the line that doesn't upset the "reasonable" people who are scared of anything major. Not that Blair wanted to do anything major but he could have pushed the boat out a bit beyond the half-decent stuff.
  12. Politics

    I thought the thrust of Peakes remark was that they were training them to see the people they deal with as expendable because of race which is worth a debate. Still stupid to retweet it though as Starmer has obviously taken the nuance-less approach to AS which I can understand.
  13. Coronavirus

    Even if semi-sensible people are relying on a vaccine this year, there'll be thousands/millions who will refuse it for exactly the reasons you stated.
  14. Coronavirus

    At least he won't have to refuse a vaccine now.
  15. The lockdown wave buries it.
  16. The crowd have had enough and gone home.
  17. Other games 2019/2020

    I'd forgotten West Ham had brought Moyes back - hopefully to no avail.
  18. Coronavirus

    Seems like this government have gone full Trump - apple have basically called Hancock a liar over the app and now they're claiming that that shitshow of a flight of PPE from Turkey was ordered by a trust and had nowt to do with them and there no paper trail for it.
  19. Politics

    The fucker will be claiming for whiplash now...
  20. Premier League is back

    You mean very dark blue to the point of looking black enough to annoy the stupid cunts.
  21. You forgot links to gruesome murders and barbaric human rights abuses.
  22. Not sure if you remember it but someone in the UK defended a case where they'd bought Greek satellite equipment and subscribed legally there which was completely legal under EU law. They lost as sky argued their content was uniquely tailored for the UK so was therefore "exceptional".
  23. I think there's nowt in that report to stop it but I'm nervous it's gone on this long and can't help thinking they've been waiting for it.
  24. I still think it's an out of date model - the absence of Internet streaming rights is a huge omission - though the Amazon prime thing has promise. Team season tickets for all matches is still the way forward for legality imo.
  25. I think they have the rights to the German league and the uefa comps as well. Maybe a couple of others.

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