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  1. Politics

    The fucker will be claiming for whiplash now...
  2. Premier League is back

    You mean very dark blue to the point of looking black enough to annoy the stupid cunts.
  3. You forgot links to gruesome murders and barbaric human rights abuses.
  4. Not sure if you remember it but someone in the UK defended a case where they'd bought Greek satellite equipment and subscribed legally there which was completely legal under EU law. They lost as sky argued their content was uniquely tailored for the UK so was therefore "exceptional".
  5. I think there's nowt in that report to stop it but I'm nervous it's gone on this long and can't help thinking they've been waiting for it.
  6. I still think it's an out of date model - the absence of Internet streaming rights is a huge omission - though the Amazon prime thing has promise. Team season tickets for all matches is still the way forward for legality imo.
  7. I think they have the rights to the German league and the uefa comps as well. Maybe a couple of others.
  8. Fuck Bein - just for giving a job to Keys if nowt else.
  9. Coronavirus

    I think it was dexamethasone I was prescribed when I was first diagnosed with asthma and it instantly got it under control. As a side effect it cured the worst gout attack of my life but unfortunately as its a steroid I could only take it for ten days and the gout returned for another couple of weeks of pain. Given the effect it had on me I'm not surprised it's turned out to be a "miracle" drug.
  10. That's exactly what the Saudis said and my reading was that it was accepted for the Qataris hiring lawyers but it was rejected as a reason for them not to prosecute BeOutQ themselves.
  11. I've seen at few journalist reactions saying it states Saudia Arabia ran BeOutQ or was behind it. I don't read it that way at all.
  12. It being based in SA and being promoted and maybe even protected is different to it being owned and operated by anyone associated with PIF.
  13. I think it also says they've failed to criminally prosecute BeOut which they should have done.
  14. Precedent Trump

    Suggesting Biden is a radical socialist is probably his biggest bit of bullshit ever against quite a bit of competition.
  15. According to Louise Taylor the WTO report is published tomorrow - she also reckons Ashley is going to chase the PL regarding progress this week.
  16. Coronavirus

    I think it would work if they said 2m OR 1m and masks all round - problem is that's too complicated for the masses.
  17. I was going to say 20 minutes after reading your first paragraph. I thought about what a meal we made of beating 10 men at Southampton last time out - fucking shit.
  18. Politics

    Yeah but they're "guys" as well.
  19. Europe --- In or Out

    Thing is there was enough room in the political statement to get a semi-decent deal eventually - probably wouldn't have happened but there was scope. It's the worst possible scenario now.
  20. Coronavirus

    There's no incentive to create vaccines for SARS or MERS as they're both effectively dead. Quite a few promising vaccines are being tested at the moment. Even if the Oxford one is limited to drastically reducing the effects it will be hugely beneficial. The Moderna looks even more effective. .
  21. Coronavirus

    It's not just government helping businesses - we have a division which specialises in quite small loans to businesses for office equipment etc and the policy has been to allow payment holidays as much as possible. Obviously that's a good business policy rather than goodness of the heart thinking but it does mean businesses won't go under for that particular cash flow reason. I think businesses which can just flick a switch and start again will be okay.
  22. General Random Conversation..

    I don't mind that they see themselves as women - I guess it's a question of whether that's acceptable to other women. I think the majority are okay with it but that doesn't mean the rest should be deemed hateful if they aren't.
  23. General Random Conversation..

    Seems to me to be a contrast between the starting point of saying sex and gender aren't binary or simple which I accept to the rather forceful "trans women ARE women". Why isn't "trans women" enough?
  24. Politics

    Can't help thinking these fuckers want to return to those "times" - look at the nostalgia for the 50s as if they were some kind of moral utopia when they really mean they were whiter.
  25. Politics

    People have complained about Friends and Only fools and horses recently so I'm not surprised. Friends is too white apparently and despite OFAH having at least two black characters, having Del Boy use the harmless "ordering a chinkies" means it's beyond evil.

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