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  1. If it's man City objecting, their last two owners should have failed any fit and proper test on moral grounds.
  2. Politics

    They're trying to twist the evidence now to say he didn't lie. Get ready for round two, cunts.
  3. Holidays 2020

    I still wouldn't book anything - even in the uk- might be back in full lockdown by then.
  4. Coronavirus

    I accept that London being the business centre and diverse, densely populated place it is is some differentiator but even allowing for that I still think it's shocking. I see Shapps whinging about full public transport after people are told to return to work - I'm not sure if they're genuinely ignorant of the world, willfully stupid or deliberately murderous. Probably a combination of all three.
  5. Coronavirus

    Isn't that skewed by a large proportion of the positive tests being the people admitted to hospital? I think they don't care about testing "healthy" people who self-isolate.
  6. Coronavirus

    This shit about parents is hilarious - meet your Mam (no hugging obviously) for a chat then she goes back to the car allowing your Dad to come for a chat - might as well stick to zoom.
  7. Coronavirus

    I'd say he made some sense but there are caveats: Volume and availability of testing and doubts about the app and the track/trace programme. Guidelines for employers on safety - enforcement? Public transport. Lack of clarity on shops reopening now and others like Weatherspoons who'll probably jump the gun. The morons who've pushed their luck up till now will see this as a licence to go a lot further.
  8. Coronavirus

    I've said where I stand on getting the train into London but I think it'll be "interesting" to see what their plans are for it - especially given they came out with this 90% reduction on Friday.
  9. Coronavirus

    But you have to walk or bike to get there.
  10. Coronavirus

    At least the vaccine trial will have fertile ground to be tested in.
  11. Coronavirus

  12. Coronavirus

    You could put the elderly into safe communal environments - let's call them "care homes".
  13. Coronavirus

    At least they're being honest now about herd immunity being the plan all along.
  14. Coronavirus

    Just did a search - the one I read about by a company called Curative is less unpleasant but recommends a healthcare person is present. Also found somewhere you can get a PCR test for £149 and the Abbot antibody test for £99.
  15. Coronavirus

    Read a few things which suggest that's why home tests are unreliable. I also read they turned down an American test with a mouth saliva swab which is almost 100% accurate.
  16. Coronavirus

    I think Mason's got a point - they were weak going in to it so even if sensible people were already doing it, that Friday night let all the morons show how stupid they are. Now everyone knows the cunt's going to relax it a bit on Sunday /Monday so they'll go absolutely mental on Friday.
  17. Coronavirus

    "Citizen of nowhere".
  18. Coronavirus

    They reckon they're going to cut the furlough subsidy to 60% in June to "ease" people back to work - in other words force people to go back whether it's safe or not. So much for tories getting less cuntish (not that I ever believed that).
  19. Face facts, unless a vaccine arrives or the virus dies on its own, next season will be behind closed doors as well.
  20. Coronavirus

    All of the Brexit war bravado was based on bullshit - anyone under 85 talking about it was full of shit. Interestingly I did see some polling that suggested people over 85 were more EU sympathetic than the post war warriors. There was a leaflet in my letterbox this morning mooting some kind of party but I binned it without reading the details.
  21. Coronavirus

    Our bosses are talking about a phased return which sounds reasonable but still scares me. I think they'll limit it to client facing staff and those who've either had it or can travel safely. I think I'll be alright to stay at home but it's still a concern - I know that makes me a fanny compared with those unable to WFH though.
  22. Coronavirus

    They can do what they want with offices and pavements and introduce all the tracing in the world but am I fuck getting on a packed train anytime soon.
  23. It's always a good question as to whether religious homophobes hate gays because their holy books say so or use their holy books to justify their innate bigotry. Either way there's conflicting "advice" so some kind of choice is needed which would suggest for most it's the innate bigotry option.
  24. He became a lay preacher after packing in and I think joined some obscure full-on evangelical mob - he's never hidden the fact he's a complete godhead.
  25. A genuine desire for us to fail.....

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