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  1. Face facts, unless a vaccine arrives or the virus dies on its own, next season will be behind closed doors as well.
  2. Coronavirus

    All of the Brexit war bravado was based on bullshit - anyone under 85 talking about it was full of shit. Interestingly I did see some polling that suggested people over 85 were more EU sympathetic than the post war warriors. There was a leaflet in my letterbox this morning mooting some kind of party but I binned it without reading the details.
  3. Coronavirus

    Our bosses are talking about a phased return which sounds reasonable but still scares me. I think they'll limit it to client facing staff and those who've either had it or can travel safely. I think I'll be alright to stay at home but it's still a concern - I know that makes me a fanny compared with those unable to WFH though.
  4. Coronavirus

    They can do what they want with offices and pavements and introduce all the tracing in the world but am I fuck getting on a packed train anytime soon.
  5. It's always a good question as to whether religious homophobes hate gays because their holy books say so or use their holy books to justify their innate bigotry. Either way there's conflicting "advice" so some kind of choice is needed which would suggest for most it's the innate bigotry option.
  6. He became a lay preacher after packing in and I think joined some obscure full-on evangelical mob - he's never hidden the fact he's a complete godhead.
  7. A genuine desire for us to fail.....
  8. Coronavirus

    That's what I don't get - they're genuinely asking people with virus symptoms which apart from the cough and fever will probably include feeling like shit - to drive what could be quite long distances for a test. I've read that the tests are awkward and unpleasant given they need a tonsil swab so home testing is problematic as well but they turned down an American company who offered thousands of saliva based tests with a supposedly high accuracy rate. It's just incompetence all over the place.
  9. Coronavirus

    Very much so but symptoms/suspected cases have to be the starting point not just people shitting it. They've suggested a random 100k of home tests - that makes sense from a data pov I have to say..
  10. Coronavirus

    To be honest as I've said before I don't see the point of being tested "on spec" without symptoms. Now an antibody test does appeal but there not there yet.
  11. Coronavirus

    All fair enough round the doors but until public transport is somehow addressed I'm going nowhere.
  12. Coronavirus

    I'm sure if you could zoom in you'd see the $ signs spinning in Trump's eyes.
  13. Coronavirus

    I've read a couple of hopeful articles as well as "we'll be lucky to have a vaccine in two years" things so I rail between hope and mild despair. Best thing I've read recently is the Oxford vaccine Rhesus monkey thing.
  14. Coronavirus

    You mean the one 2.5 weeks before the peak death day?
  15. Coronavirus

    All good questions. I know it's spread throughout the country now but I think London is a big factor. Not only too many people still working but I think the sheer volume of public transport and how packed it is normally is a huge factor in just how many were and are still being exposed to it. If they try and rely on this app without follow up tracing and ask people to self-isolate without checking it'll all go tits up when it's eased even slightly imo
  16. Politics

    I'd like to see him more gung ho for the failings but I think there's a lot of public support for this "not now" view which might be where he's coming from.
  17. Theres a system banks use called SWIFT which handles a lot more than 300m payments - and it's instantaneous so his comment about a few days must involve some more legal stuff at a guess.
  18. Coronavirus

    I understand that people get pleasure in walking in spectacular scenery but is asking them to walk around the block a couple of times instead for a few months to save lives too much? I think there's a being a smartarse angle to this drive to exercise thing.
  19. Coronavirus

    Inquiries change absolutely fuck all and have one thing in common: Aberfan Herald of Free Enterprise. Chilcott Hillsborough Bloody Sunday Grenfell Much hand-wringing, absolutely no justice.
  20. Coronavirus

    I don't think they consider even sitting on a plane never mind all the other issues. Greece are looking at guidelines for tourism more in hope than anything else.
  21. Coronavirus

    Might be simply due to more testing. I was talking to someone at work who was naively asking why people were still getting infected as surely everybody apart from key workers were at home so I set him right about how many non-nice middle class work from home jobs there are where people are still working.
  22. Coronavirus

    It's alright, there's at least 20k dead but the met have seized a shit load of coke. Who gives a flying fuck about crime at the moment.
  23. Coronavirus

    They had one side with Italy which even then they didn't better and on the other South Korea as the good example. 7 or 8 weeks later they're trying to take some lessons from the latter which will take a few weeks to implement while the corpses pile higher.
  24. Coronavirus

    Also I can see why we need testing especially along side tracing and isolation but as it's been unveiled I have doubts. If I woke up tomorrow feeling dodgy with a cough I'd probably isolate until I felt better and certainly wouldn't think of driving to Stansted where a testing centre is mooted. Similarly as I'm feeling okay I wouldn't want a test anyway unless I suspected I was asymptomatic which is a stretch. Now I can see the appeal of an antibody test but the antigen one still seems a puzzle to me. Any thoughts?
  25. Coronavirus

    Intetesting: https://spectator.us/contenders-challenges-race-cure-covid/

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