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  1. Just now, ewerk said:

    We're all assuming that the hold up is being caused by the PL but it's a two way process. The PL are maybe waiting for the Saudis to fulfil conditions that would allow the takeover to happen. I'm pretty confident it isn't simply a case of the PL procrastinating.

    I get the feeling it's continuing to be on message and act on piracy until the end of the season. 


    At least if it is as "simple" as that it's only another 2 or 3 weeks. 

  2. 31 minutes ago, Renton said:


    I don't recall there ever having been an EEA EFTA option? Fairly sure 90% of remainers could live with that, it was my preferred option over staying as it happens. May's deal was a much harder Brexit which removed FoM.

    One of the indicative votes would have been something like that but lost by a couple of votes - mainly due to the Change UK and lib dems opposing it as it wasn't remainy enough. 

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  3. It's Trump allover - talk absolute shite which sounds good to the people who support him who'll watch the first story on the news and think "he's sorting it" but will switch off before the analysis (if there is any)  takes it apart as nonsense. 

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  4. I have a sneaking suspicion that if he sort of accepts that he'll lose he'll scale up what already looks like a scorched earth policy to do the most damage he can so either he or one of his horrible kids/son in law will have more of a chance against Biden in 2024 if the latter hasn't had the time to undo the damage. 

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  5. It comes back to personal responsibility again though - if I had been going out and about but was told there was a local cluster I'd be more than happy to go back to almost isolation. 


    As I've said before it's about respect/fear of the virus rather than obeying rules. 

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  6. 25 minutes ago, Monkeys Fist said:

    He’s right too- we’ll never get in on a “lefty” manifesto like Jezza tried. 
    It’s too much for the Sun readers to take in one go :lol:


    Gain power with a “reasonable” opposition to the Far Right clusterfuck, then consolidate your position in power. 
    Once that’s been done, you can start easing in more left-wing policy, but it’ll only ever work in stages. 

    Problem is like with Blair, in order to keep power you end up toeing the line that doesn't upset the "reasonable" people who are scared of anything major. 


    Not that Blair wanted to do anything major but he could have pushed the boat out a bit beyond the half-decent stuff. 

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  7. I thought the thrust of Peakes remark was that they were training them to see the people they deal with as expendable because of race which is worth a debate. 


    Still stupid to retweet it though as Starmer has obviously taken the nuance-less approach to AS which I can understand. 

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