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  1. Well people like Susan Sarandon telling people to vote for the green candidate meant their vote was significant in a few states - maybe not enough to change the result but when you consider 77k votes in crucial states actually did decide the result then I wouldnt be surprised if dem non-voters were the deciding factor. 

  2. 7 minutes ago, Rayvin said:


    That's probably all true but i wasn't saying anything supportive of the EU here. I was critical of them for their so far fairly poor handling of it. Unless I've missed something in what you're saying.

    No, I'm just saying it's what most people would expect but you seemed surprised. 

  3. You've always been a bit overboard in your love of the EU, Rayvin - you can strongly believe we would have remained while accepting it was/is deeply flawed. 


    Of course we should have stayed and campaigned for reform but I still think you're a bit idealistic.

  4. 9 minutes ago, PaddockLad said:

    Agreed. I liked duty free though.  My mate saw “Keith Barron” in the pisser at Schipol airport once, came out the WC and told us. We then all simultaneously looked to the khazi door to see the (then) recently sacked former Blackburn manager Roy Hodgson emerging from his ablutions. Very much “you had to be there” but the lad still gets his nose rubbed in that particular debacle on a regular basis 

    When we went to psv the first time and we ended up in Amsterdam wandering around the red light district drinking we spotted Roy Hodgson in a flasher mac looking very furtive - either going to or coming from somewhere in a hurry. 



  5. 3 minutes ago, Meenzer said:

    Electing a tubby pisshead who doesn't look after himself properly as PM just as a vicious respiratory disease breaks out. We've not had the best few years as a country, have we?

    The bastard in me does find it amusing that he's spent years of effort striving for this one job which might only end up lasting 6 months. 

  6. 39 minutes ago, Gemmill said:


    I was absolutely done in by something in the middle of Jan. All symptoms identical. Got it on a Friday and was completely fucked from the Sunday to the Wednesday. Dry cough, fever, aches, all that stuff. 


    I'd had the normal flu vaccine in the middle of December. 


    I'd be interested to know if that was it - it's the sickest I can remember feeling as an adult. 

    I was knocked down for a week by something at the end of January, no cough but pretty bad. 


    This was a couple of weeks after sitting next to Chinese lass who'd been home for Xmas - not to the infected province as she kept insisting :)

  7. 42 minutes ago, PaddockLad said:

    I think most are observing the government advice tbh. The police have fuck all to do because even criminals don’t want to die so they’re picking in people in parks etc. TV cameras show this, then lockdown facists beget chirpy on social media. It’s them that need to fuckin calm down iyam

    No mention was made of the reporters sent to out the Scottish doctor by spying on her. 

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  8. I'm an occasional cyclist and had intended to get out on my bike now that the gym/pool is shut - probably starting next weekend. 


    I'm a little paranoid in that in 25 years cycling as an adult I've only had a couple of minor scrapes none involving anything beyond first aid so now sod's law is trying to make my mind think I'm bound to crash and end up in hospital despite the roads being quieter. 


    I hope I get over it and I think it would be a shame if they went too far and banned exercise. As others have said I think it might be the final straw for some in deciding to say fuck it and rebel. 

  9. 10 minutes ago, Rayvin said:


    This is the thing that has scared me most so far now. That's a big number. I hope to fuck Trump has a plan.. 

    He said something about it being wrong to pay people to do nothing so I imagine his plan will be to not pay them or force them to work for benefits. 

  10. 6 minutes ago, Kid Dynamite said:

    Germanys stats look better because they’ve tested more people, hence the death rate looks much smaller. The reality is they are on the same curve as the UK and they’ve just wasted shit loads of tests on people that don’t have COVID


    In the UK, outside of testing people currently at work to make sure they aren’t spreading COVID, what’s the point in testing hundreds of thousands of members of the public? There’s no treatment either way. If you’re symptomatic then stay in the house for 14days, test or otherwise

    I agree - it's the NHS workers that are the only testing priority for me.


    However they seem to have oversold the antibody test as well which is the real way out of the lockdown.


  11. 14 minutes ago, ewerk said:

    Also, isn’t the German system very much de-centralised federally? Yet they seem to have the testing problem figured out better than any European country.

    Germany is very federal but the States are larger/more powerful than say Scotland or Wales.i also assume they must have a tiered hierarchy of health decision making that's stronger than here. 

  12. 26 minutes ago, Renton said:


    Only half agree. The first bit is correct, we are an extremely capitalististic country with a right wing and frankly incompetent government directing things. That's the issue.


    But the NHS is probably the most integrated healthcare service in the western world, we should be able to coordinate our response better than any other comparable country. It is definitely centrally coordinated, it just doesn't have the required capacity.

    Okay, I accept I'm a bit wrong - but doesnt the trust system lead to areas bidding against each other for resources much like the states in the US? Genuine question. 

  13. I don't think it's a coincidence that the most decentralised and marketised, ultra-capitalist countries are the ones screwing it up - a plethora of NHS trusts with no central co-ordination and genuine offers of help from either chemical companies or university and other biological labs being dismissed in lieu of bitty, mismatched spending with no thought.


    As others have said it's either rank icompetence, unwillingness to take central charge or a covert adherence to the herd immunity "plan".


    I think now we'll be lucky to be out of lockdown by September.

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  14. 8 minutes ago, Gemmill said:

    Watched a bit of CNN after the press conference and the bloke was saying that yesterday there was a change in Trump. Reckoned he seems to have suddenly realised the magnitude of the situation and actually seemed scared. 


    I don't imagine it will make much if any change to how much of a prick he is, but it would be nice if the penny had finally dropped.  

    I didn't see it but I read that he started off "seriously" as if someone had got through to him on the deaths but as time went on he reverted to his usual scatter gun bullshit.

  15. Probably, but I think he had some good ideas and has continued to do so in this crisis - though I'd also say a lot of the vehement "not voting for Corbyn" crowd were those whose political knowledge didn't extend to any other "names".

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