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  1. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story?id=376178&cc=5739 Just asking, aren't we doing the same thing with Given and Duff for Ireland? Just curious, in case Wigan also complain about that
  2. I'm a bit traumatic of...

    Because I didn't saw the match, and I've no idea what's the match look like
  3. ... being 1-0 up in the first leg of European games as a gate to big European competition. We have 2 different case here: - Being 1-0 up against Zeljeznicar (Bosnia) away in 02-03, then we hammer them 4-0 at home. Here in away match we were good and comfortable and Zeljeznicar never threatened. - Being 1-0 up against Partizan Belgrade (S&M) away in 03-04, then we lost 0-1 at home and went to lost on penalties. Here in away match we were lucky to win, with Given and Woodgate play a part in defending that score. So, what you guys thinkin' about this Ventspils away match? Are we more like on the first condition (Zeljeznicar) or second condition (Partizan Belgrade) in term of goal chance, possesion, scared for the home match and etc? Please discuss
  4. Gravesen considers magpies option

    Gravesen is already proved a class player. With £2 million it is a bargain IMO, assume we can sell Faye to Charlton for £1.5 or 2 million. But still, if the money is needed for a more important positions (striker or full-back) then better to allocate the money for that urgent position, as we also still have Butt
  5. Riquelme

    Still, without those players Vilarreal is a good oponent. They still have Pires, Nihat, Jose Mari, Forlan, etc. From the result against them tomorrow I think we can look where we are right now in European degree
  6. To get rid another fringe player with limited opportunity in Newcastle in midfield area is good to add the fund to buy new players. If Faye is definitely out, I don't mind to have Gravesen here Even better if Butt is also can be sold
  7. 10 years ago today.....

    Still bring me to tear if I remember the lethal partnership of Shearer-Ferdinand. 49 goals between them in one season in all competition... Still regret the day when Dalglish decide to sold Ferdinand and Ginola
  8. Toons £4m Fan-cy man

    For £4million I'll take him. Not sure that we can get him for that price, but again considering Duff is £5million, then who knows...
  9. Magpies in Tavano Link

    Never heard of him either, but for €10 million I rather have Bent of Defoe who have Premiership experience rather than foreigner who (probably) can be end up as a flop...
  10. Squad numbers

    Hopefully an indication of Milner and Luque won't go anywhere.
  11. Roeder appoints new captian

    Hopefully can get the best out of him. And also being in the centre of midfield is a perfect position for a captain IMO. Solano is also a good choice for me though...
  12. United to fly out early for Euro return

    I like his way of treating this Intertoto games. Bring some fresh air for us...
  13. Do you have a source? Otherwise it might be just bollocks
  14. Levante seal Robert deal..

    I'm not joking for the Ameobi part, I just saying that he also can score goal. And also Robert is already the past. I want to remember him for his wonderful freekicks and crossings. If you want to remember him for other things, it's up to you, I don't care
  15. The Kids

    Hopefully Huntington can push on like Taylor, and David Edgar as well for defence, and Pattison for midfield

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