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  1. Has anyone read Shearers thoughts in his article on The Athletic? Does he slate Bruce or sidestep giving his drinking mucca a blast? Cut n paste anyone?
  2. Harry!? Although I'd trust Louise' judgement more than both Father in Law and Ex.
  3. This Redknapp? Jamie Redknapp : 17:49 - “Bruce is doing a great job “ 17:51 - “I fancy sheff Utd tonight” 17:54 - “Newcastle are going to get dragged into a relegation fight”
  4. Now now lady. Play nice. I can almost feel the thud of your typing finger as you typed that.
  5. He got lumbered with Joe and Max. Both equally as impressive as each other this season.
  6. Derby 1.0 was a stinker mind. So glad there's no fans there as I'd very likely have been there.
  7. Placed the one he should have hammered and hammered the one he should have placed. But, should never have been dubbed.
  8. Bloke down Tynemouth market is doing the Oxford Vaccine for £2 a shot. Or three for a pfizer!
  9. He looked like he was made of balsa wood. Seemed to be forever injured.
  10. I got whacked right on the end of my hooter with a snow(ice) ball. Took the skin right off. Nearly shat a brick! Smacked the bloke next to me bang on the ear.
  11. Not had a drop since before the previous lockdown. Never been a drinker at home. Missed my Boxing Day away game and New Years Day bender.
  12. He played a season with a bad hip injury. He never looked like he could last 90 minutes after. Him and Lua Lua v Leverkusen - looked a very good young player.
  13. Injured believe it or not. His time could be up.
  14. Darlow. Excellent. Good point.
  15. No one takes any notice anyway.
  16. He'll keep that "miracle worker" tag tonight if WBA get a point!
  17. Ashley needs managers on the slide. Full compliance is required.
  18. To manage NUFC you need to be on a downward (if not already at the bottom) spiral. No manager to date has departed NUFC and moved on to bigger and better things. Rafa once his accountant is happy has the opportunity the rest in all likelihood will never get a Club the stature of NUFC again. Up and coming? Career suicide.
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