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  1. If I was President

    At last someone who has also recognised the achievments of this great man, IMO this is long overdue.
  2. Renaming of ground confirmed

    IMO Vendetta against the fans, he's totally laughable. Ashley is such a prick. I was actually considering taking up my season ticket again but he's blown any chance of that.
  3. NUFC not for sale + Hughton awarded 18 month deal

    Boycott.............. Toon fans don't seem to understand the meaning.......... Packed stadiums last season, new shirt sales, drinks and food and gambling inside the stadium almost back to what we've always had.......... highest gate in the CCC and not far off the best in the PL. No wonder Arsehole had a smile on his face at the last home game, almost 44,000 and a vast number of the crowd shouting abuse at him, does the fat prick care, no because they were 44,000 paying into his big money pot.......... now that's a boycott!
  4. Money the man for Luton

    Good luck to Money, we'll miss him he's an excellent coach, big loss for us.
  5. Ashley's £20m Is NOT For Transfers!

    To finance the overdraft.................... he will put the £20mill into the club on one side and take it out of the other. any of the loyal fans that believe it's for the benefit of the playing staff................... well!
  6. Newcastle United 2-1 Doncaster Rovers

    Same shit, just a different league
  7. Newcastle United 2-1 Doncaster Rovers

    Sounds like Nicky Butts up to his usual.
  8. Nottingham Forest v Newcastle United

    Like so many games last season, nothing changes.
  9. Toon bid hopefuls backed by New York firm

    Wake me up when it's done
  10. Toon bid hopefuls backed by New York firm

    Whatever.................. today is the DAY
  11. Toon bid hopefuls backed by New York firm

    You get the impression that the club is not on the market?
  12. Toon bid hopefuls backed by New York firm

    I'm a Believer
  13. wanted newcastle video 1984-2000

    Got quite a collection from the following seasons 91/92 92/93 plus a number of live game, lots of newsreel etc and various compilations. Not totally sure what I have got but I will look at them and if you are interested will get back to you. Please let me know if you are interested before I trawl through the videos.
  14. Toon bid hopefuls backed by New York firm

    Just got to wait until Friday. Reading what Wise has said about the buyout, he claims that Assley has some big surprises yet to come. Confused? I am, if Redheugh knows something for real why does he not make it known. Bored with the whole sorry for sale thread, I am. Just got to wait till the end of the week
  15. Toon bid hopefuls backed by New York firm

    The 10 point information is nowt new, just bits and pieces adding up to greater speculation. Can anyone verify any of this shit Same old shit.
  16. Toon bid hopefuls backed by New York firm

    end of the week!! 3pm ITK All are welcome, free beer at Shearers Bar
  17. Toon bid hopefuls backed by New York firm

    Internet only Bollocks................ no press conference at 3pm. I just don't know what to believe.
  18. Toon bid hopefuls backed by New York firm

    Is it on the telly?
  19. Toon bid hopefuls backed by New York firm

    less than 5 minutes for revelations beyond my expectation.................... but there is always next week
  20. Newcastle United 0-0 Bristol City

    Saturday was my first visit to SJP this season and on what I saw nothing much has changed since last season. I am sorry but this is my opinion. We had a number of chances, hit the woodwork a few times and had a blatant penalty turned down and so on but in all we were poor. We played like that last seaon and were relegated, which says a lot for this league. They were a poor side and we could not take the initiative and win. Dropping four points at home in the space of four days is simply not good enough, it's the complacency and the lack of ability to convert a poor performance into a positive result. It worries me that we cannot grind out a result and I wonder why he had to mess around with the team, I wonder what his reason for not starting with Carroll or Ranger. Guthrie looked likr a less than average CCC player. Despite all of this we are top and 3 points clear, why should I moan, after all there's a long season ahead.
  21. Trafalgar Square plinth

  22. Will you feel short changed?

    Are we ever going to rid ourselves of these CLOWNS?
  23. Newcastle 1-1 QPR

    guthrie and it's saved
  24. Newcastle 1-1 QPR

    any radio links please

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