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  1. bound to be, but it doesn't look like we've even enquired
  2. he probably thinks he's too good for us now anyway.
  3. Tell the truth I don't care, I can't see it making any difference I wonder what parker and emre must be thinking...
  4. its the voice that gets me maybe its just me!
  5. Dorty mare! Old, but funny
  6. the numbers could mean anything unless you know the context, but you have to feel encouraged that they are still trying to get owen in - that would possibly explain why we still haven't moved for anyone else (or in LBM and anelka's cases, not matched the over-inflated prices) Its a high-risk strategy, I just hope it doesn't backfire and we end up with no-one. I'm feeling 60% certain that we'll sign an excellent forward (I don't think it'll be anyone we are expecting) before the end of the window, but 40% certain we'll end up with no-one at all!
  7. to be fair he did manage to match big noses goal tally last season - 2 premiership goals
  8. I wonder what reception he'll get when he does come back, that will give us the firmest indication yet whether the majority or with him or against him (the manager that is)
  9. altytoon

    I see...

    Totally agree - that list should have a minimum of six faces on it, if not more. For all the words about them having been working day in, day out since six weeks before the window actually opened, I'm struggling to think of an excuse for this, any excuse. I suspect its a high risk strategy of trying to get owen in, but there should at least have been one in for good measure. Hopefully all will be revealed soon, thats the only thing I can think is that they have some massive ace card up the sleeve - but I doubt it.
  10. Alas no, they're simply attending a disciplinary in london meeting today
  11. dangerous thread, very dangerous why is that useless twat still the manager of our football club? do the ladies really go for souness 'in that way' as I've been informed lately?
  12. advice from one who get's married in, lets see, 5 hours, which makes me an expert obviously, ring her and try to tell her how you feel, or move onto the next one
  13. ooh, cold pizza, lush warmed in the ding with plenty of pepper, hmmm not as nice as shreddies though
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