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Found 76 results

  1. Sir Bobby Robson Trophy

    This cancer seems to be everywhere at the minute it always has been really. Is it 1 in 3 of us can expect to get it at some point. It's the one biological battle we must win, conspiracy theorists claim that they'll already have a cure for it but won't as it will cost the medical companies billions in lost revenue. It's a sad way for anyone to go, and I'm proud the toon fans have contributed to the building of the SBR Cancer ward at the Freeman. I think we should continue to do so in SBR's memory, I know you can't give to every charity and many of us have our own charities which we give money too, but I think they should mark SBR's life, passing, and dedication to this cause by hosting an annual tournament. The England-Germany game was called the Sir Bobby Robson Trophy. Maybe it could retain it's name and for the first year have say, Newcastle, Barcelona, Ipswich and Porto competing for it in a four team format, then the years after that rotate the venue of his clubs, so maybe the year after the Nou Camp hosted it, and to maximise profitability only invite the top clubs of the world for it. It's an idea where we can all put something in and benefit from it too.
  2. A Sir Bobby Robson XI

    After a break discussion there with a fellow forum member. It got me thinking of all the players Bobby has actually managed over the years if we could all actually try and name our XI of the players he has had. I need to obviously go back and look at some of the players that he has managed, but I will say my choice of strikers up front would be Romário and Ronaldo. I do mean from their respective abilities during the time when he managed them btw.
  3. The Robson Era

    I am desperate to watch every second I can of Robsons stint with us, but all those videos and DVDs are back up in Newcastle . I can't find it anywhere on the net, so if any has them online I'd appreciate it.
  4. I have just had a text from someone awaiting confirmation. If I'm wrong I apologise.
  5. I'm personally horrified that Southampon are in with a Serious chance of getting him! Most of this squad is KEEGAN's anyways.Keegan is the excact person we need at this moment in time. Shearer gave it go.I think he could play a lesser role a the club but at the moment i think he is just not ready for it.Anyways HE HIMSELF said it was a short term project for him.He should honour his word & make way IF keegan was brought back.Southampton or Newcastle?? Simple choice for Keegan?? However i am aware there are a few Minority who may actually NOT want Keegan back at newcastle?? Anyways Would YOU neccesarilly Object to a Keegan return?? thx
  6. On the back wall, there is a giant canvas of Sir Bobby waving to the Toon faithful before his first home game in charge, an 8-0 win against Sheffield Wednesday in which Alan Shearer scored five goals. Hanging to the right is a picture of Sir Bobby and his squad beaming as they pose in Barcelona's Nou Camp before a Champions League game. Sir Bobby Robson and Steve Harper In tune: Sir Bobby Robson and Newcastle keeper Steve Harper agree on the importance of today's clash It is hard to believe it was less than seven years ago that Newcastle were mixing with Europe's elite. Today, Sir Bobby is not interested in looking back and wondering where it all went wrong for his beloved club. This is no time for recriminations as Newcastle, with Shearer in charge, go to Aston Villa for arguably the most important game in the club's history. Lose at Villa Park and Newcastle will be relegated from the Premier League, resulting in an immediate financial hit of £30 million and a potential cost to the club which could last years if, like Leeds United, they continue to plummet. At 76 and fighting cancer for a fifth time, Sir Bobby is no longer a man who can save the club himself, but he knows a man who can: goalkeeper Steve Harper, who can make himself a true Toon legend if he can keep Newcastle in the top flight this afternoon. There is a special bond between Sir Bobby and Harper. Both are from County Durham mining stock, born 15 miles apart; Bobby in Sacriston, Harper in Easington. Harper rates Sir Bobby as the best of the 10 managers he has played in his 16 years at Newcastle. In turn, Sir Bobby believes Harper would have played for England had he not been so unselfish and stayed at Newcastle as Shay Given's understudy. 'Big match on Sunday, son,' are Sir Bobby's first words as they greet each other. 'That's an understatement,' says Harper. Kevin Keegan Harper was in goal for Sir Bobby the afternoon Shearer put five in the Wednesday net, and when Newcastle beat Juventus 1-0 in one of St James' Park's most famous European nights. 'You told the world's media before that game that I had to be absolutely faultless. I was sitting there thinking "no pressure, then!", recalls Harper. 'Aye, and you will have to be faultless against Aston Villa as well. Completely faultless,' replies Sir Bobby. 'Your time has come. You have waited patiently for years for an opportunity. Now you have the best chance of your career to be a hero. One save might be crucial, the difference that keeps Newcastle in the Premier League. 'Steve, I think an important area is set-plays. Villa are fantastic in the air with Emile Heskey and John Carew. You have to keep everybody in front of you alive and awake, switched on. Newcastle need leadership at the back. It's your responsibility.' Harper is in agreement with his former boss. 'We've worked on it in training this week. Villa are also a very quick team, good on the counter-attack. They have a lot of pace and width in the side, like we had when we were in the Champions League with Craig Bellamy and Laurent Robert. 'I know James Milner at Villa very well - you signed him for Newcastle and we became good friends. I've been texting him this week, telling him to put all his crosses in Row Z! 'We need 11 heroes, maybe 14. It is a strange situation. We could win and get relegated, or we could draw and stay up. Our problem has been scoring goals. We haven't scored five in our last seven, but you can be sure every player knows how big the game is for Newcastle. Anyone who doesn't shouldn't be at the club.' The permutations in the drop-zone this weekend are enough to give Stephen Hawking a headache. Newcastle will definitely go down if they lose. If they draw, they can only survive if Hull lose at home to Manchester United. If they win, they will stay up unless both Hull and Sunderland (at home to Chelsea) also win. Harper says it is important to understand the scores in other games, particularly in the closing stages. 'Every player must be aware of what is happening. If we are drawing the game, we have to know if we need to get a winner or if it's better to hold on to what we've got. 'I'll definitely go up for a corner if we need a goal in the last minute. I was a striker until I was 17. In fact, I played up front for 12 minutes in a friendly at Celtic a couple of years ago and set up a goal for Milner!' Harper has seen Newcastle rise and fall since joining from local club Seaham Red Star in 1993. But it is only since January, when Given left for Manchester City, that he has become the undisputed No 1. 'What made Sir Bobby stand out was his man-management. He knew intuitively which players needed an arm round the shoulder and who needed a kick up the backside. I will go round the other players just making sure they are all OK, giving them a pat on the back. It is important because it's such a massive game.' Sir Bobby has not given a team talk since he was sacked in 2004, after finishing fifth in the Premier League. But he knows what he would say if he was in the dressing room at 10 to four today. Alan Shearer Shear pressure: How Newcastle could do with Alan Shearer's goalscoring prowess on the pitch 'I would tell the players to win their individual battles. Win your one-on-one battles. If you are Steven Taylor, make sure you stop their centre forward getting chances, beat him in the air. There are 10 outfield individual battles. If you win seven and lose three, you win the game. If you win three and lose seven, you lose the game. 'On top of that, Steve has to be up for it every single second. There is more pressure on the goalkeeper than any other position. One mistake from the goalkeeper and the whole team plan goes out the window.' Harper concurs: 'I know what Sir Bobby means about goalkeepers. My son is six next month and every time he wants to go in goal in the garden, I won't let him! He should try and score goals - there is more money in it! I know I have to play part on Sunday, but we all do. It is not about individual glory; it is about Newcastle United being united. I'd rather win 7-6 and stay up, than play a blinder, win 1-0 and go down.' Frail health means Sir Bobby will not be able to travel to Birmingham to watch his team play. Instead, he is contemplating an outing to Sunderland for their game against Chelsea. The role of Shearer will be crucial for Newcastle today. Sir Bobby has been enthusiastic about his former ace striker taking charge. 'He has great football knowledge and the pressure won't bother him,' he says. 'I'm sure if Newcastle are winning near the end he will want his strikers to protect the ball in the corner -he was good at that himself.' 'The older he got, the earlier in the match he did it!' quips Harper, in a flash. 'I call him Gaffer now. It was strange the first time I said it, I'd always known him as Alan. But it seems right now - he is the gaffer.' Sir Bobby, the former gaffer, nods in approval. Newcastle's future is no longer in his hands, but it could be in Steve Harper's.
  7. Met Sir Bobby Robson today

    Just been to an opening of an office that we did the structural works on Sir Bobby Robson opened it, had a breif chat with him about the Toon and life in general, he signed me a book. I left him and man, was in tears within minutes, the bloke is a legend!
  8. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/foo...icle5774695.ece Sir Bobby Robson has made an inspiring, heartfelt and funny speech at the launch of a £500,000 research centre named after him. Fabio Capello, the England coach, joined him at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle to hand over the FA's donation of £75,000 to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, which has already raised £1.2 million. The 76-year-old was diagnosed with the disease for a fifth time a year ago and he has dedicated much of his time since to his fundraising efforts. He raised £500,000 to equip a specialist trials centre in just seven weeks. Robson was not expected to speak at the launch, but made a 15-minute speech about his battle, the inspiration he has been given from meeting fellow patients and his pride in seeing one of the leading cancer centres in Europe open. He even managed to joke about his ongoing fight since he was diagnosed last March, saying: “I have had longer than a Football League manager.” Robson said Capello's presence made this “a perfect day” and joked to the Italian that if he wanted to see Newcastle, "I can get you a ticket.” In return, Capello said he remembered the times when they had been on opposing sides at different clubs across Europe. “But now we are here together to fight against cancer,” he said. Alan Shearer and Peter Beardsley, both former Newcastle players, were there to see Robson blow out candles on his cake two days after he turned 76. “He set out to raise half a million pounds and did that after seven weeks," Shearer said. "They have gone on to raise £1.2 million, which is incredible, and he will continue working and continue generating success for the hospital.” Beardsley said he was not surprised at his former manager’s moving and inspiring speech. “The man is unbelievable. He knows the right words for the right occasion. He makes you feel ten feet tall and when you hear him speak you don’t want him to stop. The man has an aura about him.” Robson lightened the mood by looking to his former players and saying: “I said I wasn’t going to make a speech, and this is like Alan (Shearer) would say, one of my lengthy team-talks.” Then, to warm laughter, he added: “But we won.” Robson, accompanied by his wife Lady Elsie, vowed to carry on fundraising, adding: “You have been absolutely magnificent with all your donations. We can raise a bit more, can't we?” The Sir Bobby Robson Cancer Trials Research Centre, within the Northern Centre for Care, will develop new treatments and bring together research staff in one unit, and carry out trials of drugs.
  9. Sir Bobby Robson - MOTD

    Did any of you see MOTD?, Sir Bobby is'nt looking to smashing is he?, its really sad to see him like that, i'm going to hate the day when the news outlets report his passing. He's an inspiration to the whole of the footballing world and more so to Newcastle United.
  10. Kevin Keegan

    George Caulkin From The Times December 5, 2008
  11. Was bored this afternoon so made this, quite a lot of clips like from the other one but still had to do it.
  12. It hasn't come as a shock but still it gets to you when you hear it.
  13. I am currently starting a campaign to get an annual charity match between NUFC and ipswich town (instead of a pointless firnedly) with ALL the proceeds going to the SBR foundation i would greatly appreaciate it if member would sign the petition to show your support for this idea Online Petition I am currently building a website to accompany this, which hopefully be up and running properly tomorrow
  14. Robson Article

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/arti...amp;ito=newsnow Fabulous, better than anything knocked up by a journalist this week. Staggering comment about Geremi, also.
  15. Now I know I have been a bit quiet if you will on the compilation front as of recently, I have had this one stemming for a while but never got chance to finish it, well I had a bit of time on my hands this afternoon so have managed to do that. Now in my opinion, the word legend is a word in the modern day that is often used far too often for my liking. However when we all think of Sir Bob, the word legend is a given that is for certain. One of footballs and especially this countries most decorated characters to have ever graced the game. The success he has achieved over the years as a manager, not just in this country, but more so the impressive nature of his stints abroad, and at the age when he took those roles. It would have been far easier for him to sit back and retire when he was due to leave his post as England manager, but we all know that isn't his way. It's very rare and Englishman succeeds abroad, especially in playing terms, but it's almost an unheard of thing for a manager to do so. We all know he had to go by the time he left us, but obviously not at the time and the nature of the departure (but let's not go into that.) He rescued us at a time when we were in desperate need of someone and something to spark us back to life. Although it took him two years, Robert and Bellamy as we all know transformed the team. As everyone can guess by the title I have used Queen's 'Who Wants To Live Forever?' as the song of choice for this video. A compilation of moments all through his career, some as a player and as a manager, quite a moving tribute from me to a great man. So let us all lay tribute to the elder statesman of English Football, there's only one Sir Bobby Robson.
  16. Allardyce close to breaking point at Newcastle By Mark Ogden Last Updated: 9:53pm GMT 26/12/2007 Wigan Athletic (0) 1 Newcastle United (0) 0 Having been subjected to nothing short of a savaging by his own club's supporters as his team suffered one of their more depressing defeats of a turbulent season, manager Sam Allardyce treated his Newcastle United players to a similarly stinging rebuke after Ryan Taylor's second-half free-kick pushed him closer to the precipice at St James' Park. Booed en masse by the 5,000 travelling supporters when he merely caught a ball on the touchline, and treated to chants of "Shearer, Shearer" by the disillusioned Geordies, Allardyce opted to go on the front foot in an effort to restore his authority and shift the spotlight of blame on to his failing players. It is a risky tactic. Dressing-room discontent has already been mooted on Tyneside, but if the players are unhappy, they will be even more so after having their commitment, desire and quality questioned by Allardyce - rightly so in most cases - after this woeful performance. "I don't blame the fans. If I was one of them, I'd be singing what they were singing because it just wasn't good enough," Allardyce admitted. "I'm a top man in my field and I know it's not good enough. They have been watching for long enough, so it doesn't take them long to realise it isn't good enough as well. They are not daft. "These are the players that I've got, but too many are showing me what they are about on the bad side of the game. In the end, some of the individuals in my team failed to live up to their reputations. "The level of form that they drop to is unacceptable, but they have to accept the pressure and use it as a positive, not shrivel and die. Roll your sleeves up and go and fight because we can't rely on ability alone." advertisement Mike Ashley, the Newcastle owner, probably kept a dignified silence when the supporters alongside him in the away enclosure at the JJB Stadium began to vent their anger at Allardyce by chanting Shearer's name towards the end of this dismal defeat. Ashley might have bitten his tongue, but he would not have been able to cover his ears to blank out the discontent. Allardyce has lost the support of the demanding Newcastle public, who continue to adore former club captain Shearer, and he will not win it back if his side continues to play as badly as they did against Steve Bruce's team, who escaped the bottom three for the first time since October thanks to Taylor's second-half goal. "We're s*** and we're sick of it!" was another chant aimed in Allardyce's direction after Taylor's 20-yard free-kick. Too many of Allardyce's charges let him down, but changing a manager is easier than shipping out 20 players and that is Allardyce's problem - and Ashley's. # Football fans' forum For Bruce, only a month into his job at the JJB, the honeymoon period is still in full swing, however, and the former Birmingham manager is now confident that his team can escape relegation. He said: "A month away, we looked adrift with Derby, but we have now shown that we have the stomach for the fight. Let's hope we can stay out of the bottom three all the way now."
  17. Sir Bobby Robson has vowed to "battle as I've always done" after revealing that the cancer he has fought on and off for 15 years has returned again. The former England football manager, who is 74, started chemotherapy treatment last week. But, typically, he was at St James' Park yesterday to watch Newcastle United play Blackburn Rovers. Sir Bobby has undergone cancer surgery four times but now doctors have recommended a six-week bout of chemotherapy after discovering small cancerous nodules in his lungs. However, Football on Sunday columnist Sir Bobby said he will carry on with his life as normal and plans to attend his annual charity golf day in Portugal. He will celebrate his 52nd wedding anniversary next month with his wife Elsie - whom he has called "my rock, because she's let me do my thing" - sons Paul, Mark and Andrew and four grandchildren. Sir Bobby said: "Of course, it's not the greatest news I've ever had but I have fought hard throughout my life and I will continue to fight. I will battle as I've always done. "My last operation in August was a success but this time the doctors have said they can't operate. "The good news is that they are measuring the nodules in my lungs in millimetres rather than centimetres! "That is encouraging and we are hopeful the treatment will keep it under control. "I've been advised to keep busy and active, and that's what I will be trying to do whenever possible." Sir Bobby, the son of a Durham miner, was knighted in 2001 and some of his sayings have passed into folklore, most memorably when he called Paul Gascoigne "as daft as a brush". He has enjoyed one of the most extraordinary careers in football, winning 20 England caps as a player - including playing in the 1958 and 1962 World Cups - and taking the team to the 1990 World Cup semi-finals during his eight years as the national manager. In February, asked why he is still passionately involved with the game, he said: "My wife wants me to go to Tesco's on Saturdays, but I just couldn't. I need the drug."
  18. Shepherd 2- Robson 0

    Shepherd United 2 -------- Bobby Rovers 0 Graeme Souness 2004 Glenn Roeder 2006 Pat on back Shepherd.
  19. Sir Bobby Robson

    Happy Birthday You Auld Sod. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0FGEp2V6Y8
  20. Sir Bobby Robson

    Just got a text off my match going mate who said he saw SBR and Fat Fred with each other at the game. I can't say for sure whether he's bullshitting or telling the truth but if he's being honest then it fits in very intrestingly with what some one who claims to be 'ITK' (Not Martin Jol) has been telling me. According to said source, we've been trying get Sir Bobby Robson to join us as a DoF since the fall out after the Sheffield United game. He's been umming and ahhing due to his health, history with Fat Fred and his commitment with Ireland but since it looks doubtful they'll qualify he's taken the offer more seriously and is apparently ready to step in next summer if Eire's situation still looks as dire as it is now. Any thoughts or facts to blow this rumour out of the water?
  21. http://www.thebookpeople.co.uk/webapp/wcs/...27603_category_ Saw this on Hot Deals and thought some people might be interested. Free delivery too, use the code 'VIP12'.
  22. Robson in 'good spirits' after op

    Former England manager Sir Bobby Robson is making good progress after a small tumour on his brain was removed. It was found when he was taken to hospital after falling ill during a match at Ipswich earlier this month. The 73-year-old had the operation last week and a statement from his agent said he was in good spirits and does not need follow-up treatment. But a slight swelling on his brain has caused temporary movement loss on his left side and he is still in hospital. Robson had a lung tumour removed earlier this year and has had cancer surgery on two other occasions. 'Slight swelling' The statement released on Thursday said: "Sir Bobby Robson continues to make good progress after major surgery which involved complete re-section of a tumour from the motor cortex part of his brain. "Thankfully he does not require any follow-up chemotherapy or radiation treatment. "Sir Bobby is in good spirits and talking about his recovery. He is out of bed, enjoying reading the papers, watching television and listening to the radio to keep up to date with the latest football news. "However, he has a slight swelling on his brain which is causing a temporary loss of movement in part of his left leg and left arm. This is being treated with physiotherapy. He will therefore remain in hospital for the time being." Robson is currently a consultant for the Republic of Ireland side. He led England as coach to the 1990 World Cup semi-finals and had a successful managerial career at Ipswich Town. He also managed Barcelona, PSV Eindhoven, Sporting Lisbon, FC Porto and Newcastle United.
  23. I've just heard this on Radio 5 a few minutes ago. He's having surgery this week to remove a brain tumour.

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