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  1. Guest

    Sir Bobby Robson Trophy

    This cancer seems to be everywhere at the minute it always has been really. Is it 1 in 3 of us can expect to get it at some point. It's the one biological battle we must win, conspiracy theorists claim that they'll already have a cure for it but won't as it will cost the medical companies billions in lost revenue. It's a sad way for anyone to go, and I'm proud the toon fans have contributed to the building of the SBR Cancer ward at the Freeman. I think we should continue to do so in SBR's memory, I know you can't give to every charity and many of us have our own charities which we give mon
  2. After a break discussion there with a fellow forum member. It got me thinking of all the players Bobby has actually managed over the years if we could all actually try and name our XI of the players he has had. I need to obviously go back and look at some of the players that he has managed, but I will say my choice of strikers up front would be Romário and Ronaldo. I do mean from their respective abilities during the time when he managed them btw.
  3. I am desperate to watch every second I can of Robsons stint with us, but all those videos and DVDs are back up in Newcastle . I can't find it anywhere on the net, so if any has them online I'd appreciate it.
  4. I have just had a text from someone awaiting confirmation. If I'm wrong I apologise.
  5. I'm personally horrified that Southampon are in with a Serious chance of getting him! Most of this squad is KEEGAN's anyways.Keegan is the excact person we need at this moment in time. Shearer gave it go.I think he could play a lesser role a the club but at the moment i think he is just not ready for it.Anyways HE HIMSELF said it was a short term project for him.He should honour his word & make way IF keegan was brought back.Southampton or Newcastle?? Simple choice for Keegan?? However i am aware there are a few Minority who may actually NOT want Keegan back at newcastle??
  6. On the back wall, there is a giant canvas of Sir Bobby waving to the Toon faithful before his first home game in charge, an 8-0 win against Sheffield Wednesday in which Alan Shearer scored five goals. Hanging to the right is a picture of Sir Bobby and his squad beaming as they pose in Barcelona's Nou Camp before a Champions League game. Sir Bobby Robson and Steve Harper In tune: Sir Bobby Robson and Newcastle keeper Steve Harper agree on the importance of today's clash It is hard to believe it was less than seven years ago that Newcastle were mixing with Europe's elite. Today
  7. Just been to an opening of an office that we did the structural works on Sir Bobby Robson opened it, had a breif chat with him about the Toon and life in general, he signed me a book. I left him and man, was in tears within minutes, the bloke is a legend!
  8. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/foo...icle5774695.ece Sir Bobby Robson has made an inspiring, heartfelt and funny speech at the launch of a £500,000 research centre named after him. Fabio Capello, the England coach, joined him at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle to hand over the FA's donation of £75,000 to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, which has already raised £1.2 million. The 76-year-old was diagnosed with the disease for a fifth time a year ago and he has dedicated much of his time since to his fundraising efforts. He raised £500,000 to equip a specialist trials centr
  9. Did any of you see MOTD?, Sir Bobby is'nt looking to smashing is he?, its really sad to see him like that, i'm going to hate the day when the news outlets report his passing. He's an inspiration to the whole of the footballing world and more so to Newcastle United.
  10. George Caulkin From The Times December 5, 2008
  11. Was bored this afternoon so made this, quite a lot of clips like from the other one but still had to do it.
  12. It hasn't come as a shock but still it gets to you when you hear it.
  13. I am currently starting a campaign to get an annual charity match between NUFC and ipswich town (instead of a pointless firnedly) with ALL the proceeds going to the SBR foundation i would greatly appreaciate it if member would sign the petition to show your support for this idea Online Petition I am currently building a website to accompany this, which hopefully be up and running properly tomorrow
  14. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/arti...amp;ito=newsnow Fabulous, better than anything knocked up by a journalist this week. Staggering comment about Geremi, also.
  15. Now I know I have been a bit quiet if you will on the compilation front as of recently, I have had this one stemming for a while but never got chance to finish it, well I had a bit of time on my hands this afternoon so have managed to do that. Now in my opinion, the word legend is a word in the modern day that is often used far too often for my liking. However when we all think of Sir Bob, the word legend is a given that is for certain. One of footballs and especially this countries most decorated characters to have ever graced the game. The success he has achieved over the years
  16. Allardyce close to breaking point at Newcastle By Mark Ogden Last Updated: 9:53pm GMT 26/12/2007 Wigan Athletic (0) 1 Newcastle United (0) 0 Having been subjected to nothing short of a savaging by his own club's supporters as his team suffered one of their more depressing defeats of a turbulent season, manager Sam Allardyce treated his Newcastle United players to a similarly stinging rebuke after Ryan Taylor's second-half free-kick pushed him closer to the precipice at St James' Park. Booed en masse by the 5,000 travelling supporters when he merely caught a ball on the touchli
  17. Sir Bobby Robson has vowed to "battle as I've always done" after revealing that the cancer he has fought on and off for 15 years has returned again. The former England football manager, who is 74, started chemotherapy treatment last week. But, typically, he was at St James' Park yesterday to watch Newcastle United play Blackburn Rovers. Sir Bobby has undergone cancer surgery four times but now doctors have recommended a six-week bout of chemotherapy after discovering small cancerous nodules in his lungs. However, Football on Sunday columnist Sir Bobby said he will carry on wit
  18. Shepherd United 2 -------- Bobby Rovers 0 Graeme Souness 2004 Glenn Roeder 2006 Pat on back Shepherd.
  19. Happy Birthday You Auld Sod. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0FGEp2V6Y8
  20. Just got a text off my match going mate who said he saw SBR and Fat Fred with each other at the game. I can't say for sure whether he's bullshitting or telling the truth but if he's being honest then it fits in very intrestingly with what some one who claims to be 'ITK' (Not Martin Jol) has been telling me. According to said source, we've been trying get Sir Bobby Robson to join us as a DoF since the fall out after the Sheffield United game. He's been umming and ahhing due to his health, history with Fat Fred and his commitment with Ireland but since it looks doubtful they'll qualify he's
  21. http://www.thebookpeople.co.uk/webapp/wcs/...27603_category_ Saw this on Hot Deals and thought some people might be interested. Free delivery too, use the code 'VIP12'.
  22. Former England manager Sir Bobby Robson is making good progress after a small tumour on his brain was removed. It was found when he was taken to hospital after falling ill during a match at Ipswich earlier this month. The 73-year-old had the operation last week and a statement from his agent said he was in good spirits and does not need follow-up treatment. But a slight swelling on his brain has caused temporary movement loss on his left side and he is still in hospital. Robson had a lung tumour removed earlier this year and has had cancer surgery on two other occasions.
  23. I've just heard this on Radio 5 a few minutes ago. He's having surgery this week to remove a brain tumour.
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