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  1. As the title suggests i think carver has some explaining to do. This was a must win game for Newcastle. First half I have no complaints as we were the better team in all departments. Tactics were working. Rightly being in the lead. Second half comes along things are going ok then comes a sub, Riviere off (who was having a good game) for piss poor adam armstrong! Fair enough he is young being only 17 but he's too little to be pumping the ball up to!!! Crap decision Carver! That decision has cost him his first win and probably the shot at the job full time. Taylor getting injured didn't help the cause as if used up a sub but jesus christ Carver!
  2. https://vine.co/v/Oa1uJz7MMdd https://vine.co/v/Oa1ZbFhJeAt
  3. There was an article in yesterday's Sun regarding a failed planning application from King Kev for an extention on his house in a village to the east of Morpeth.I never knew he was living back in Northumberland.Any idea where his house is.
  4. I thought the lack of credit had more to do with being a shit manager and a fucking embarrassment
  5. So that's it then. No more signings. We don't even have an option on Remy. Our top scorers last season were Cisse with 8 and Cabaye with 6, and he's fucking off. Put your money on because we are going down, nailed on. We will struggle to score 30 goals as a team this year. Sorely tempted to just take the hit on my season ticket and just cancel it now
  6. We're all familiar with Cockney rhyming slang . It's used mainly by Cockneys . Chirpy chappies the lot of them. Big-hitters like apples & pears (chairs) , syrup of fig (dig) , Lady Godiva (driver) , Shetland Isles (miles) , woolly mitts (gloves) etc. are probably used as everyday phrases by most of us in fact . Well I was thundering (wondering) if there's any Joe Kinnear based rhyming slang out there ? Betty Boo (who) Going for a poo (interview) "Let's have a clown (sit down)" as he'd say . .
  7. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11678/8114243/Newcastle-United-manager-Alan-Pardew-has-been-signed-a-new-eight-year-contract
  8. Always wondered why Keegan hasn't associated himself with Liverpool as much as he did with us. I mean, he won a lot with them and he was well liked, so why doesn't he talk about them as much or be seen around the ground like Dalglish and the like? Is there something behind the scenes I didn't know about?
  9. Is Alan Pardew's Toon side better than Sir Bobby's top four finishers of 2002? Alan Pardew is leading Newcastle United to their most remarkable league season in a decade. That can be the only verdict to pass on the heroics from top to the bottom of the St James's Park club. The last time such delight and wonderment was felt on Tyneside while gawping at a Premier League table was back in April 2002. That was when Sir Bobby Robson catapulted a side that had bumped along inauspiciously in mid-table for four years, to an unexpected fourth spot, and an extended run in the Champions' League the following season. Remember the trips to Kiev, Barcelona, Rotterdam, Milan? Five wins in a row for Pardew's side has reopened up dreams of a repeat of 10 years ago, and a return to the elite European competition. With Chelsea to face away, Manchester City to entertain at home and a visit to Everton on the last day of the season, Newcastle's run in suggests that a top four finish may be just beyond them. But that's just me erring on the side of pessimism and caution - that's what covering the ups and down of this club for a decade does to you. I like to calculate the worst case scenario and work upwards. The form of the players, especially the flair providers like Hatem Ben Arfa and Papiss Cisse, are giving plenty of reasons to rip up even the wildest expectation from even the start of the year and look higher. What is almost assured is that Newcastle will clinch a place in the Europa League. Old boy Andy Caroll's headed winner against Everton, sending Liverpool into the FA Cup final, meant that six place is now good enough for passports to be dusted off by United fans, as long as four more points can be harvested. Of course Alan Pardew will be setting fresh targets and looking higher - and for his troops to extract maximum advantage by being the club in the top six mix that is playing without pressure. Contrast the excitement and joy caused within the club at Newcastle's position, with the fretting and poor form at Spurs who could blow fourth place. And there's always the possibility that the distractions of the a Champions' League semi final and an FA Cup final will disrupt Chelsea. So is this latest Newcastle side as good as Sir Bobby's of ten years ago? I recall covering the nervy 2-2 draw at Ewood Park back in April 23, 2002, the evening Newcastle clinched fourth spot. Here is the team: Given - Hughes, Distin, Dabizas, R Elliott (O Bernard, 45) - Solano, K Dyer, G Speed, L Robert - LuaLua (Bellamy 71), Shearer. And here is the Newcastle side which defeated Bolton a week ago: Krul, Simpson, F Coloccini, Williamson, Santon, Cabaye, Perch, J Gutierrez - H Ben Arfa (R Taylor, 85), P Cisse, D Ba (Ameobi, 64) As you can see, Robson had proven quality in midfield. Solano, with his knack of finding clever angles, and Robert with his speed and directness, were lethal down the wings. Gary Speed anchored with energy and aggression, Dyer was on fire that season as a box to box live-wire. Shearer guaranteed goals up front and was a talisman, Bellamy was at times unplayable with his pace, and the defence which was seen as a weakness had tough characters with world class Shay Given in goal. Aaron Hughes should still be at the club, Distin bailed himself out with his athleticism. The class of 2012 is an interesting mix of emerging talents. The rock is Coloccini, skipper and ice cool talisman at the back. Some would say full backs remain a weak point, but how can anyone quibble with the every present dedication and enthusiasm of Danny Simpson? Keeper Krul is already up there with Given, Cabaye is a slicker passer than Dyer, Hatem Ben Arfa is a right sided Robert, hurting sides with flashes of brilliance. And while it is too early to say that Papiss Cisse guarantees goals, his form so far (ten goals in nine games) suggests he can maintain a scoring rate up there with legend Shearer next season. Which side would win if they played each other? It is an interesting pub debate. The key point is that Newcastle fans can actually pose the question. Robson's 2002 vintage. Or Pardew's exciting, refreshing gatecrashers of 2012. Two sides who came from nowhere, and put a smile on the face of Geordies, and won over a few neutral friends on the way. Five games to go to turn the current smiles of satisfaction into a season that will stand out for years as the moment Newcastle United became contenders again. http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/opinion/columnists/simon-bird/Newcastle-column-Is-Alan-Pardew-s-current-side-better-than-Sir-Bobby-Robson-s-top-four-finishers-of-2002-By-Simon-Bird-article891779.html
  10. http://equaliserfootball.com/2011/08/09/19...s-entertainers/ Still hurts.
  11. I'm no fan of Margaret Thatcher at all!!! I'm a left-leaning labour man. But Sam Allardyce is blaming Margaret Thatcher for spoiling English football, by stopping the payments to teachers to coach young players, after school. http://fourfourtwo.com/news/england/82350/default.aspx Utterly ridiculous! Why doesn't Allardyce demand that club owners stop paying their players and managers so much money, and give the difference to teachers to train, after school. Allardyce should think about this in his luxury villa in Spain. As a left-leaning Labour man, this kind of hypocritical armchair socialist talk makes me want to vomit.
  12. http://www.guardian.co.uk/theguardian/2011...pool?CMP=twt_gu
  13. Another great read. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/...edknapp-it.html
  14. As predicted, the tit for tat. Not what we need.
  15. Clicky General football chit-chat for 10 mins then a couple of minutes about us. Reckons Pardoo won't see any of that £35 million...
  16. There's something so right about a man who's always worn his heart on his sleeve celebrating his birthday on Valentines Day. Kevin Keegan has done more for our club than any other individual in my lifetime. Never mind what the press say, I'll always love you KK, and I'm sure tens of thousands of other Geordies who were lucky enough to experience the high times with you feel exactly the same. All the best Special K, and many happy returns
  17. Don't know if someone already posted this in the Pardew thread, delete if so: Tell it like it is, Kev! From http://soccernet.espn.go.com/columns/story...and&cc=5901
  18. Keegan 92-97 played 251 won 138 54.98% Hughton 09-10 played 71 Won 39 54.93%
  19. Blackburn Rovers boss Sam Allardyce reckons Newcastle United fans do the club no favours. Allardyce endured a torrid time at St James’s Park and believes the rabid supporters of the Tyneside club are more of a hindrance than a help. He told the Sunday Mirror: "Fan pressure there is hostile towards the players. They don’t really support the team as they should, they’re very critical and the players can’t handle that. “That’s what Scott Parker couldn’t cope with. He said he couldn’t play at Newcastle. “Gary Speed told me when I went up there that it’s a very difficult place to play your football. If the fans don’t take to you, you’re knackered. “I had spent a huge amount of time recreating a football club that needed recreating. That was behind the scenes, with an induction of staff who had moved with me. “We’d created a whole new working environment, but that staff got dismantled over the next six months – the club appreciated nothing and started all over again.” http://www.clicklancashire.com/sport/black...nited-fans.html? ------------------------------------------------------- I really do find this gobshite tiresome. I'd have more respect for him if he just kept his mouth shut and moved on, but he's still trying to justify the past. He should just get over it, it didn't work out and enough said.
  20. ESPN are looking for the bloke who was arguing with Keegan when he came out to defend the sale of Cole. Does anyone have any idea of who he is or have a copy it on video anywhere?
  21. Hi Guys, I'm selling this on ebay at the moment and there are no bids with just about 8 hours left so thought I'd put a link on here to see if anyone would be interested in it for themselves or for a Christmas present. It'll be posted tomorrow to the winning bidder so will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/HAND-SIGNED-SIR-BOBB...=item335849407a Although I can't imagine this one being as popular I've also got a Del Piero one for sale too... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/HANDSIGNED-DEL-PIERO...=item335849601a And I have loads more ready to be made up so if you're looking for anything specific and I have it at present send me a message through ebay and I'll more likely than not be able to get it to you before Christmas. Thanks guys, Merry Christmas and good luck for the rest of the season (Other than when you meet forest again! )
  22. I'm black and white through and through. That will never change no matter what league we're in and will still keep turning up to St. James Park. But the Keegan trials and tribulations need to be spoken about from as neutral as possible. And I do not believe that he cares about the club as much as you or I would like to think. But from the figure that he wanted from the court case, had he got it, could of potentially spoilt any takeover and put the club into administration. I was asked whether I thought Keegan would take the money if it would put us into admin, and my answer is yes! I understand that the agreement was not met on Ashleys side, but if he loved the club why sue? I was also asked by a fellow magpies fan what should of happened with the money if he loved the club? He said that why didnt he donate it to the academy, or training facilities. Also why not hold on to it until new owners and then donate it to the club? Simple, he doesnt love us as much as we love him. And the fans need to stop treating the Kevs and Shearers as gods. Now to the legend No. 9, Shearer. Loved him as a player, loved and still love his dedication to the Toon, but he should not manage the club (at least not yet). He is not mature enough as a 'manager' to take charge. Bellamy was sold because Shearer didnt like him and refused to play alongside of him. Look at him now, one of the next best things we had after Shearer and look what he is still doing. And also the way he treated Joey Barton when he was in charge end last season. If he doesnt like the player, he would get rid. But Barton in this case is one of the harder working players we have, plenty of skill and great vision. Never mind the off pitch antics and the attitude, I think he needs to play, period. Shearer only has the experience of playing, and the respect from the players and fans, but no experience of managing a team at all. All you have to do is look at Southgate and Keane. Neither of them have amounted to anything, and I would hate that to happen to Shearer.
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