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Found 51 results

  1. Ranger

    Well, might as well be. from .co.uk - http://www.nufc.co.uk/articles/20130301/club-statement-nile-ranger_2281670_3094148 Fucking waste of space that lad is.
  2. Tim Krul

    Any news on his injury?
  3. Steven Taylor

    We all know we needed a new centre half in the summer. Last year Perch done canny at times when called for and most were nervous about Williamson. The latter has continued his shaky form this year and it more unusual than not to not have both Steve Taylor and Colo fit at the same time. Taylor now looks to be out until next year. Surely we have to bring someone in to compete with Taylor and Colo for a start? I have a horrible feeling they will look at Taylor coming back and think we will be ok and that we have just been unlucky with injuries. Another gamble but this one didnt come off. Wouldnt surprise me to see them gamble again. Talk of Douglas etc is fine but we know we wont be backed in to a corner on price.
  4. Tiote

    Hopefully he will stay with the club, heavily linked with Man City today.
  5. Vurnon Anita

    Usually a player gets their own thread months before he signs!!!! We must be slipping Anyway, heard a few people on the radio today who have followed his football and reckon we are getting a really top notch player at a steal. Talking in similar terms to Cabaye in regard to what an excellent signing he will be for us. If Cabaye misses tomorrow I wonder whether is viable to start him given he may not even have trained with our players. Probably not.
  6. Autographs

    Can anyone help me to identify the following autographs? Any help greatly appreciated, the ball (yellow background) is from somewhere between 1999-2001, and the shirt is the 2006-07 third shirt Thanks in advance
  7. Gazza Umbro Advert

    Just seen this. Gazza advert for Umbro for the Euro's, man he is fucked.
  8. Lee Clark

    According to Sky
  9. Hi guys, Just thought I'd give you a heads up on a programme going out on ITV4 next Tuesday at 9pm (January 31st) about one of our former players. Like him or loathe him, Craig Bellamy's fiery nature on the football pitch usually divides opinion amongst football fans and players alike. Less known about Craig is his outstanding charity work out in Sierra Leone and his commitment to the children of a country still recovering from a brutal civil war. If you're interested in the work he's doing for deprived children in Africa and want to know a little bit more about the real Bellers then check out the documentary...see whether it changes your perceptions of him!! Cheers, A CBFtoon
  10. Gazza on tv

    sad to see gascoigne on piers morgan show last night - constantly on the verge of tears - totally fked up in the head but seemingly on the mend
  11. Keeps calling Karl Henry Kalvin, going on about him playing the big un. Entertaining as always.
  12. Steve Harper

    I know Forster's just went out on loan, but I reckon Harper will be off as well. Harper's not injured either. A lad from work is best mates with Derek Wright's son, and he told him he was just left out of the squad on Saturday.
  13. Shola Ameobi

    what length of contract is he on ? The club have rejected his terms of a new one ? [i've been away for a few days again so I don't know if this has been in the press or not] Good news or bad, considering who may replace him if he goes. Desperate times.
  14. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/13139857.stm Would love to know the facts about this? The fact he took a lot of money for little return? The fact he couldnt be bothered or the fact he cared amount England than the club paying his wages!
  15. Hatem "Number 26" Ben Arfa

    Lee Ryder wrote on the Chronicle site about Ben Arfa been at the Gateshead game on Saturday, and that he had said that he wanted to take in the atmosphere and see a local game. I received a mms on my phone yesterday evening, to open it and find a picture of a very lush Mercedes ride with plate beginning in, "BA...". This was sent from my brother and it turns out Hatem came into the bar that they were in yesterday and that my brother's friend was chatting with him for ages in there. He told us that he's such a nice guy, genuine, and seems keen to talk to fans and locals, rather than hiding away in a millionaire mansion and forgetting those who sing his name. Now I remember getting a similar call when Andy Carroll was out in town, and as my brother approached him to speak to him, a 'heavy' who was with him was quick to throw my brother in the other way. I've been curious as to the motives of Ben Arfa. Does he want to play in Black 'n White? Why does he love the place so much? I always thought that players didn't really give two flyers about us lot who fork out to go and cheer the Toon along, but Hatem certainly seems to be different.
  16. Gazza - New Garforth Town Boss

    Yep Gazza will be the new boss of Garforth town, slap some cash on it
  17. Kevin Keegan

    My true Valentine.
  18. Keegan and Shearer

    I'm black and white through and through. That will never change no matter what league we're in and will still keep turning up to St. James Park. But the Keegan trials and tribulations need to be spoken about from as neutral as possible. And I do not believe that he cares about the club as much as you or I would like to think. But from the figure that he wanted from the court case, had he got it, could of potentially spoilt any takeover and put the club into administration. I was asked whether I thought Keegan would take the money if it would put us into admin, and my answer is yes! I understand that the agreement was not met on Ashleys side, but if he loved the club why sue? I was also asked by a fellow magpies fan what should of happened with the money if he loved the club? He said that why didnt he donate it to the academy, or training facilities. Also why not hold on to it until new owners and then donate it to the club? Simple, he doesnt love us as much as we love him. And the fans need to stop treating the Kevs and Shearers as gods. Now to the legend No. 9, Shearer. Loved him as a player, loved and still love his dedication to the Toon, but he should not manage the club (at least not yet). He is not mature enough as a 'manager' to take charge. Bellamy was sold because Shearer didnt like him and refused to play alongside of him. Look at him now, one of the next best things we had after Shearer and look what he is still doing. And also the way he treated Joey Barton when he was in charge end last season. If he doesnt like the player, he would get rid. But Barton in this case is one of the harder working players we have, plenty of skill and great vision. Never mind the off pitch antics and the attitude, I think he needs to play, period. Shearer only has the experience of playing, and the respect from the players and fans, but no experience of managing a team at all. All you have to do is look at Southgate and Keane. Neither of them have amounted to anything, and I would hate that to happen to Shearer.
  19. On the back wall, there is a giant canvas of Sir Bobby waving to the Toon faithful before his first home game in charge, an 8-0 win against Sheffield Wednesday in which Alan Shearer scored five goals. Hanging to the right is a picture of Sir Bobby and his squad beaming as they pose in Barcelona's Nou Camp before a Champions League game. Sir Bobby Robson and Steve Harper In tune: Sir Bobby Robson and Newcastle keeper Steve Harper agree on the importance of today's clash It is hard to believe it was less than seven years ago that Newcastle were mixing with Europe's elite. Today, Sir Bobby is not interested in looking back and wondering where it all went wrong for his beloved club. This is no time for recriminations as Newcastle, with Shearer in charge, go to Aston Villa for arguably the most important game in the club's history. Lose at Villa Park and Newcastle will be relegated from the Premier League, resulting in an immediate financial hit of £30 million and a potential cost to the club which could last years if, like Leeds United, they continue to plummet. At 76 and fighting cancer for a fifth time, Sir Bobby is no longer a man who can save the club himself, but he knows a man who can: goalkeeper Steve Harper, who can make himself a true Toon legend if he can keep Newcastle in the top flight this afternoon. There is a special bond between Sir Bobby and Harper. Both are from County Durham mining stock, born 15 miles apart; Bobby in Sacriston, Harper in Easington. Harper rates Sir Bobby as the best of the 10 managers he has played in his 16 years at Newcastle. In turn, Sir Bobby believes Harper would have played for England had he not been so unselfish and stayed at Newcastle as Shay Given's understudy. 'Big match on Sunday, son,' are Sir Bobby's first words as they greet each other. 'That's an understatement,' says Harper. Kevin Keegan Harper was in goal for Sir Bobby the afternoon Shearer put five in the Wednesday net, and when Newcastle beat Juventus 1-0 in one of St James' Park's most famous European nights. 'You told the world's media before that game that I had to be absolutely faultless. I was sitting there thinking "no pressure, then!", recalls Harper. 'Aye, and you will have to be faultless against Aston Villa as well. Completely faultless,' replies Sir Bobby. 'Your time has come. You have waited patiently for years for an opportunity. Now you have the best chance of your career to be a hero. One save might be crucial, the difference that keeps Newcastle in the Premier League. 'Steve, I think an important area is set-plays. Villa are fantastic in the air with Emile Heskey and John Carew. You have to keep everybody in front of you alive and awake, switched on. Newcastle need leadership at the back. It's your responsibility.' Harper is in agreement with his former boss. 'We've worked on it in training this week. Villa are also a very quick team, good on the counter-attack. They have a lot of pace and width in the side, like we had when we were in the Champions League with Craig Bellamy and Laurent Robert. 'I know James Milner at Villa very well - you signed him for Newcastle and we became good friends. I've been texting him this week, telling him to put all his crosses in Row Z! 'We need 11 heroes, maybe 14. It is a strange situation. We could win and get relegated, or we could draw and stay up. Our problem has been scoring goals. We haven't scored five in our last seven, but you can be sure every player knows how big the game is for Newcastle. Anyone who doesn't shouldn't be at the club.' The permutations in the drop-zone this weekend are enough to give Stephen Hawking a headache. Newcastle will definitely go down if they lose. If they draw, they can only survive if Hull lose at home to Manchester United. If they win, they will stay up unless both Hull and Sunderland (at home to Chelsea) also win. Harper says it is important to understand the scores in other games, particularly in the closing stages. 'Every player must be aware of what is happening. If we are drawing the game, we have to know if we need to get a winner or if it's better to hold on to what we've got. 'I'll definitely go up for a corner if we need a goal in the last minute. I was a striker until I was 17. In fact, I played up front for 12 minutes in a friendly at Celtic a couple of years ago and set up a goal for Milner!' Harper has seen Newcastle rise and fall since joining from local club Seaham Red Star in 1993. But it is only since January, when Given left for Manchester City, that he has become the undisputed No 1. 'What made Sir Bobby stand out was his man-management. He knew intuitively which players needed an arm round the shoulder and who needed a kick up the backside. I will go round the other players just making sure they are all OK, giving them a pat on the back. It is important because it's such a massive game.' Sir Bobby has not given a team talk since he was sacked in 2004, after finishing fifth in the Premier League. But he knows what he would say if he was in the dressing room at 10 to four today. Alan Shearer Shear pressure: How Newcastle could do with Alan Shearer's goalscoring prowess on the pitch 'I would tell the players to win their individual battles. Win your one-on-one battles. If you are Steven Taylor, make sure you stop their centre forward getting chances, beat him in the air. There are 10 outfield individual battles. If you win seven and lose three, you win the game. If you win three and lose seven, you lose the game. 'On top of that, Steve has to be up for it every single second. There is more pressure on the goalkeeper than any other position. One mistake from the goalkeeper and the whole team plan goes out the window.' Harper concurs: 'I know what Sir Bobby means about goalkeepers. My son is six next month and every time he wants to go in goal in the garden, I won't let him! He should try and score goals - there is more money in it! I know I have to play part on Sunday, but we all do. It is not about individual glory; it is about Newcastle United being united. I'd rather win 7-6 and stay up, than play a blinder, win 1-0 and go down.' Frail health means Sir Bobby will not be able to travel to Birmingham to watch his team play. Instead, he is contemplating an outing to Sunderland for their game against Chelsea. The role of Shearer will be crucial for Newcastle today. Sir Bobby has been enthusiastic about his former ace striker taking charge. 'He has great football knowledge and the pressure won't bother him,' he says. 'I'm sure if Newcastle are winning near the end he will want his strikers to protect the ball in the corner -he was good at that himself.' 'The older he got, the earlier in the match he did it!' quips Harper, in a flash. 'I call him Gaffer now. It was strange the first time I said it, I'd always known him as Alan. But it seems right now - he is the gaffer.' Sir Bobby, the former gaffer, nods in approval. Newcastle's future is no longer in his hands, but it could be in Steve Harper's.
  20. Kevin Keegan

    George Caulkin From The Times December 5, 2008
  21. Gazza

    http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-1267784,00.html Get well soon, you drunken old twat.

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