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Found 5 results

  1. To coincide with Fish wanting to do his "Gone Fishing" again, and with me trying everything possible to avoid doing promotion interview prep while i'm off work this week, i torn down and remade the entire front end to the site. which can be viewed here http://www.toontastic.net Frankly it's first incarnation was a rush job with a week before the season started and I never liked it, the new one imo looks better and will be much easier to keep up to date and maintain. It'll also be considerably better for mobile devices as it's responsive (for the non nerds, it'll know you're on a iPad/Phone and start resizing/moving things about to accommodate you). If Anyone would like to submit content to the site i'm more than happy to hoof it up for you and tag your username/twitter or whatever else with the credit. I've amended the menus on the forum to match that of the new site, as you will see there's new sections for Newcastle related news, along with articles generated from Toontastic itself, like fish's and tooj's videos. The Prediction League is going to make a comeback with some added prize incentive so people don't give up midway (i'll also put up fixtures with 3-4weeks at a time so people have plenty of opportunity to fill them in, (i'll poke those who still forget...Chez) I'll put up an itunes voucher or something of that Ilk for both the leader after half a season, and then the highest points scorer of the 2nd half of the season (to make sure if someone is running away with it there is still some interest) The plan is by feeding some generated content through the main site along with other things we'll get more through traffic which ultimately leads them onto the forums where the cage comes down trapp...where they will be welcomed with our usual friendly charm and want to stay. Basically i've knocked this all out in a couple of days between doing other stuff, so whats there is what i've managed to do in that time (design and content wise), more will come obviously. If anyone has ideas or suggestions for what they'd like on there or feeds that might be useful then reply here or Pm me.... If you could hit the share/like buttons or retweet this etc on the main site or whatever it's be appreciated see if we can drum up some new people.
  2. Single SignOn Once registered with or logged into the forums, your account will automatically work with the new main website for the prediction league and commenting on/submitting other content Toontastic EPL - Prediction League! I've been arsing about with things again and if you notice the menu at the top has now been updated with a new link for this. To make Stevie and JawD's life easier we now have a proper premiership prediction application no more posting/manually counting up crap in a forum thread. Each week the main page will have a list of fixtures and a deadline to have your predictions made by, fill in as many/little as you like hit any of the save buttons and that'll be you I will add a page with rankings/results tables and the like as well at some stage this weekend/week. (European Prediction League could also be added for the champions league for a bit of craic if there is an interest?) New Content i'll hopefully add some match preview stuff each week as well to the main site, nick HappyFace/Chez's stats and the like and post up some Newcastle vs Whoever stuff. TheFish's Gone Fishing will probably be part of this as well If anyone has anything else/other ideas they can give me a shout. Issues At the minute i know there will be some issues style wise with the new additions, basically i rushed to get the backend stuff working before the new season started, and i've been completely flat out in work with taking a new role on, so getting the rest as close to the default theme on there came secondry to all of that, i think i've got it fairly close with the menu and such at least. (if you're using the SBR/Light/ themes then it will look different switching between them, and there's nothing i can do about that currently, as the way the main site works it's one theme for everything rather than the way the forum allows for multiples, this effects a small number of the users, most use the TT-Default theme.) I can add little sidebar things like the main forum view on here if they're handy/people can think of anything they might want Anyway Frontpage available here Prediction League available here
  3. Toontastic will be offline later on tonight for around 1hour (probably less). Changes: -Some bug fixes and performance enhancements none of you care about. -Skin amendments and fixes. Member Tagging: -You will now be able to tag members in posts that you wish to direct attention to, the alert will be sent to the notifaction centre (little bell in the top right corner), which will contain who tagged you and a link to the post you were linked in. Twitterfeed: -A sidebar with a rolling update of toontastic twitter users who have been added to the list. Basic/Full forum view: -with a button press you will be able to toggle between the normal thread view, or a condensed version that removes all signatures and userinfo (avatar/group etc) from view Topic Tags: -a list of topics that share the same tag will show at the bottom of each thread, ie tag something with matchday and then use the same the following week for the next matchday thread, then you'll get a list of them at the bottom
  4. Forum Changes

    To make things a bit more diplomatic and to get a better range of opinions before any decisions are made regarding all aspects of the forum we've brought on some extra staff Catmag - has left her moderator post for the upper echelons of the Admin team JawD - has joined the admin team New Moderators: we decided we wanted more voices behind the scene for when rule changes/larger problems arise and possibly to help with the growth of the forums in general. (moderation in general on here isn't "too" bad when it comes to people posting things they shouldn't since our member base is of a higher standard as far as football forums go, and spam is little to none (i've pretty much stopped it in it's tracks compared to the old board). Meenzer, HappyFace, Ketsbaia, Chez and MonkeysFist have replaced Catmag and MattM4 in the general moderators role covering all forums. Semimental - has been added as moderator of the gaming section. Ajax_Andy - has been added as moderator of the photography section. Content/Changes As far as changes to come, as it's been mentioned before i intend to try put some sort of front to the forums, a form of news page that will hold content from the forums themselves plus other things we're discussing about introducing (premierleague predictions app should be one of them for instance and i've started on that already), either way the idea is a single sign on system that your forum login will also get you into these other sections of the site. With people donating funds it's only fair that not only does the board remain stable technically but the content both existing and whats to be added is also up to scratch rather than sitting on our laurels.
  5. Welcome to the new hopefully faster Toontastic forums A few things that ya might not notice that have been added Themes: We've now got 3 you can use, pick whatever one you want and it'll stay set anytime you login, this is changed at the very bottom left of the page by clicking "Change Theme", all the same features work throughout all the themes, it's a personal preference thing what you like the look of best. SideBar: On the main page (/board/) There's a wee bar to the right hand side, The calendar bit will contain up and coming fixtures for the toon, previous results etc the Birthdays as usual. Tags: this is a different type of search, if you click on certain tags in there, or on the main forums themselves it'll run a search bringing up threads with that Tag attached to it, if there's a thread made about Santon, and someone Tags it with his name for instance. Recent Threads: self explanatory a short list of recently updated threads you can use as a short-cut. The side bar can be hidden by clicking the X, and it'll expand the forums to full width, it can be renabled the same way, or you can just collapse certain bits you don't want to see with X's at the corner of each section Images and the like: No more arsing about with youtube videos and whatever tiny part of the url you needed, just paste the full link/url and the forum will take care of the rest, this works for a host of sites for example flickr photosets. (just going paste in the link of some random photo album from the main flickr page, i'll leave it to M.Fist to find something more appropriate) Searching: I might still install a more optimised engine for this but we'll see how we go/how the speed is, anyway at the top of each forum there are quick links to sort/filter the forum by start date,most viewed etc. At the bottom of the page instead of flicking through pages of the forum you can "load more topics" to just extend the page, or if you want to jump to a specfic page click where it says "Page 1 of XXX" and enter it. if you hover over a topic, towards the right hand side you'll see a icon click the bit that's not an X and you'll get a preview of the topic with options to jump to certain parts of it. tapatalk, other crap *types quicker* Stuff still to be done: Emoticons need cleaned up, and the boards will be getting a bit of a change layout/section wise, Rugby just started figure the rest out for yourself *zooms*

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