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Found 5 results

  1. Guillem Balague believes that RB Leipzig boss Julian Nagelsmann could be in the running to sign with Newcastle United. Read more i am all for guys being given a chance but is he seriously ready for this challenge? Guys who do u want? I want poch
  2. Hi Guys, I just have 3 - 4 minutes of your time, to fill in a quick and easy questionnaire about football sponsors. I am a 3rd-year university student studying Sport Business Management. Please if you could follow the link below https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=OrvxmPpegkeIur2JfbYOYtzUSy7WJThKu7wV5jEpO45UMEQ4WUFHQjJWNjVKRjhXTkhCVFZBVjlWSC4u
  3. Hey guys, Looking for a bit of help from some fellow Newcastle fans, firstly let me introduce myself: My name is John Sloan, I'm the founder and designer for Unchained Games, I've worked for some big games companies in the past and have recently been working on my debut (self funded) game "Local Heroes". Local Heroes is a unique turn based football game on mobile devices (think a cross between football and chess), its focused more on the amateur side of football, where you take control of a rundown clubhouse and team, give them a name, and challenge either y
  4. Hi Newcastle fans, could you please complete this quick 1 minute survey about TV and Football:
  5. My name is Scott Robinson and I am a final year Criminology student at the University of Huddersfield. As part of my course I am conducting an independent research project entitled “Public Perceptions of the prevalence and responses to football hooliganism”. I would like to invite you to participate in this research project. You should only participate if you want to. Before you decide whether you want to take part it is important for you to understand why the research is being done and what your participation will involve. The aim of the project is to explore the public’s perceptions of
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